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Miami, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/03/2007 -- EfficientLab today announces the release of Work Examiner version 2.1 (Standard and Professional editions). Work Examiner allows you to carefully monitor and control your employees’ computer usage and highly improve the efficiency of the working time they spend in front of computer screens.

Work Examiner is a tool designed to give the company managers data for analysis. Work Examiner reports include information on employees Internet and applications usage, and so cover all their computer activity. You will know not only what sites were visited and what applications were run, but also for how long (active and passive time included). Work Examiner also has ‘Attendance’ tracking function informing you about the total time your employees spend working and idling at their computers. Work Examiner offers different variants of user activity monitoring. Real-Time monitoring allows you to see what every employee is doing at any given moment. Quick Reports is a fast way to get statistics for a certain employee or a group. Report Jobs function lets you make up rules for scheduled reports with customized parameters. Reports created based on Record Jobs can be automatically sent to chosen recipients which makes the process of monitoring really convenient. In the nearest future, EfficientLab plans to introduce filtering options to allow Work Examiner users control Internet access and applications start by setting exact rules for certain users or groups of users.

Work Examiner provides information for different groups of specialists in your company. Middle and top managers will receive data, that will allow them to analyze employees working time usage and optimize it both for current activity management and for project management. HR managers will find Work Examiner extremely useful as a tool to examine company human resources and control employees’ presence at their working places. Computer and Internet usage statistics provided by Work Examiner will give IT specialists full information about how often and in what way every computer in the company is used, so that they can plan servicing procedures, suggest Internet usage limits for certain users, etc.

Work Examiner is offered in two editions, Standard and Professional. The main difference between these two editions is that Standard edition allows you to control clients activity only from one PC (console), while Professional edition allows setting access rights for multiple users to work with the console (the main database) from different PCs. The choice between editions mostly depends on the size of your company. The choice of Work Examiner itself is natural and a no-other-variant one, in case you are after efficiency, optimization and, as a result, profit.

Work Examiner Main Features:
• Offers careful, non-intruding monitoring of employees’ activity
• Allows to optimize the efficiency of work time usage
• Lets you control every element of computer usage in your company
• Is not identified by antivirus software as a spyware program
• Is most flexible and can be adjusted to any specific needs
• Has two editions: Standard (for smaller companies) and Professional (for large companies)
Pricing and Availability

Work Examiner runs under MS Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista and costs $45 for Standard Edition license (with 3 licenses minimum purchase) and $45 for Professional edition license (with 20 licenses minimum purchase). The company also offers progressive discounts depending on the number of licenses you purchase. Registered customers are entitled to free online (MSN, AOL, Yahoo or Skype), remote (Remote Assistant, UltraVNC, RealVNC, CrossLoop etc.) and e-mail (usually one hour, maximum one day) technical support. An evaluation version of Work Examiner Standard edition is available as a free download from http://www.workexaminer.com/download/WE_Standard.zip (10.7 Mb).

Work Examiner Professional Edition is sent on request.

About EfficientLab, LLC
EfficientLab, LLC was founded in 2005 as a computer technology company and has already become famous for its outstandingly effective computer usage monitoring tool, Work Examiner. For more information, visit http://www.workexaminer.com.