Avicenna's Garden LLC

Avicenna's Garden LLC announces the launch of Aroma Prescriptions, a physician formulated skincare line.


Fair Lawn, NJ -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/06/2007 -- Avicenna's Garden is pleased to announce the official launch of its first physician-formulated skincare line called Aroma Prescriptions and the accompanying online venture, http://AromaPrescriptions.com.

Aroma Prescriptions caters to skincare customers seeking out purely botanical active ingredients. A few such ingredients are rose oils, melissa flower, orange blossoms, and olive extract. By harmonizing formulas with exotic floral extracts, it is the aim of Aroma Prescriptions to be the industry leader in reviving the art in skincare, and to bring forth ingredients that are multi-functional. The active ingredients are also the ingredients that solely contribute to the aroma of the product.

"We have a completely different and ambitious approach to formulation", according to the President and Head of Product Development, Dr. David Toturgul, M.D. "The basis for our products' formulas was guided by the belief that the needs for our skincare could be answered by the bounties of Nature that are already around us."

Products were developed with extensive research into the use of natural elements, most of which have been documented and used for centuries by multiple cultures and medical practices, but have been swept aside by today's technological age. Aroma Prescriptions focuses on using modern science to maximize the power of its botanical components.

Along with providing skincare for the wider market, Aroma Prescriptions provides products tailored for specific niche markets as well. It's high-end refined rose oil lotions are targeted to connoisseurs of the rose. Lemon grass lotions have been tailor made for those seeking to enhance transcending practices such as meditation and yoga.

The company's tag line "Unleash the Miracles of Creation" applies to all its products. From the inexpensive to the exquisitely luxurious, there is a product for everyone, at all levels of use and affordability.

The online venture AromaPrescriptions.com serves as an online destination for product information and ordering, as well as serving to educate the public on general skincare issues. The aim of the online site is to grow into a highly interactive educational platform. The site has been in limited beta form since this summer serving only the American population and is now open to the international community.

Aroma Prescriptions contributes 10% of post tax profits to charities and preferentially supports ethical American suppliers. Aroma Prescriptions is dedicated to transparency in business practices and models. Aroma Prescriptions has pledged never to use misleading numbers or statements for the sake of product marketing.