AlphaPlugins Company Announces the Release of New Software


Ryazan, Russia -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/10/2008 -- AlphaStar - it is a new bundle of special effects for Adobe After Effects and other video software that support the same plug-in mechanism. It is intended for the creation of demandable and helpful effects such as highlights, stars, beams, splotches, blinks, lens flares, rainbows and etc, and gives a lot of possibilities to art up video and create both natural and artificial fairy effects.

This set includes five independent tool which allow for the production of a variety of unique and second to none special effects. Some effects are presented as separate plugins by other manufacturers. And here we have more reasonable price for our software simultaneously with a high quality and advanced functionality. And some effects are unique and have no analogies in the video plug-ins for After Effects and compatible software for today.

These modules allow for the following aims:

- The creation of beautiful single flashes, stars, flare and emulate physical phenomena when high energy rays intersect with virtual optical system.
- The creation of particles systems composed of myriads of lighting stars. You can simple control these particles how they born, fly and die.
- The constructing of highlights and shining stars on brightly spots of raster sources and adjust and animate a lot of parameters.
- The creation of stars and lights on borders of opaque objects. You can easy add stars on borders of any letters, typings, subscribes and etc.
- The vector mask and raster contours both can be used as source of stars. Raster contours will be automatically converted into vector objects with help of build-in means.
- The art-up of video, texts, typings, subscribes with beautiful rays and beams. Even these beams can shine on perimeter of raster and vector sources.
- The creation of amazing rainbows and adjust their parameters and set rainbow splitting of color for stars’ and rays’ light.

AlphaStar bundle has high quality 64-bit drawing, wide and effective functionality and user friendly interface. Each module is well-thought-out, has tons of adjustable parameters which reflects geometry, colour, motion variants of highlight objects and different physical specifics such as optics, glow, high-energy and other.

AlphaPlugins AlphaStar is all-powerful tool necessary to each video artist for easy creation of breath-taking lightings FXs. The ease of use is reached by presets mechanism in the user interface. There a lot of image-buttons in each of module. Just click on them and corresponding parameters will be changed for receiving effects as presented on button’s picture.

Today the AlphaStar Windows OS version is released only. For Mac OS version will be available soon.

The price is 179 USD. Hurry up to get amazing plugin software for video editing!

To see the product page follow this link

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Host and system Requirements:
Adobe After Effects and AE compatible applications;
Windows 95/NT/2000/XP/98/ME/Vista.
At least 32 megabytes of RAM, 64 megabytes of RAM recommended;
12-bit (4096) display color; true color (16.7M colors) recommended;
640 x 480 display resolution; 800 x 600 or better recommended.