Luxand Technologies Features in New Universal Pictures Knocked Up Website

Luxand facial feature recognition and automatic face morphing technologies has been licensed by The Picture Production Company (The PPC) to create an interactive promotional website for its comedy "Knocked Up", on behalf of their client Universal Pictures.


Alexandria, VA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/09/2008 -- Luxand Development today announces that The PPC, a leading film marketing company in the UK, has chosen Luxand's technologies of face recognition and morphing for licensing. The technologies have been used to create a 'baby creator', a promotional website for the comedy "Knocked Up", for Universal Pictures.

"We are thrilled to be offering The PPC and Universal Pictures our newest facial recognition and morphing solutions that were used to create a promo project for the movie "Knocked Up", says Alex Konoplev, Luxand's CEO. "Our partnership is a phenomenal opportunity for us to show the possible results of adopting our technologies and to get them in the hands of even more customers worldwide. We think The PPC is the best partner to kick this off!"

The ground-breaking facial recognition and automatic face morphing technologies were developed after the analysis of literally thousands of faces. The results of using these solutions are outstanding in quality and accuracy. The technologies are delivered in one Software Development Kit - Luxand FaceSDK, which is now available for anyone to license.

The application of Luxand technologies is numerous. They can be used to create video for rich content websites, as well as in image and music editing software, such as Luxand's recent products: FaceMorpher, face morphing software, and Chord Pickout, a powerful software tool for music recognition. However the most promising area of application is expected to be security.

Please, feel free to explore or contact Alex Konoplev, the company's CEO at to find out more about facial recognition and morphing software, as well as licensing options. To see the "Knocked Up" promotional website where the technologies have been used, please visit

About Luxand Development
Luxand Development is a private technology company formed in 2005. At the formation of the company Artificial Intelligence and biometric identification technologies have been chosen to be the main focus of the Luxand's research. The company provides facial feature recognition solutions to a broad range of companies where the need for accurate identification is vital. The areas of their use include immigration and border control, access control and identification within a building, human-computer interaction systems, entertainment and advertising.

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