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Jackie Marlin Knows the Secret To Success. Lights, Cameras, Action

Drive your competition insane! Introducing Radio and Television Infomercials for Pure Health Trends Network Distributors.


Odessa, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/09/2008 -- Pure Health Trends Network hires media specialist Jackie Marlin to assist its distributors with their business success through her specialty, which, for the last 12 years has been Radio and Television infomercials.

“2008 is going to be an exciting time for Pure Health Trends Network.” states Jackie Marlin. “For so many people, their lives will never be the same once our Radio and TV infomercials air. While we know we can never change an entire industry, being Network Marketing, we can sure enhance it for our dedicated distributors.”

And dedicated they are.
“I’ve known Jackie Marlin for over 15 years and I’ve never had such quick success in my entire Network Marketing career as I experienced with her. Sharing the profits the company earns with its’ distributors, giving distributors personal sponsorship and then paying commissions on top of that, is what catapulted my position to paying me $30,000 a month in 6-months. And that was on a $35 product qualification monthly!” Carl Humphrey, Odessa Texas

At that time, the Internet was almost non-existent. Automatic recruiting systems hadn’t even been discovered. “We relied on fax machines, answering machines and the USPS.” says Marlin.

In the mid 1990's to the early 2000's Jackie Marlin learned to master her company’s success with Direct Response Advertising, Television and Radio Infomercials and Print advertising in well-respected magazines like Woman's World and Redbook.

“You saw our infomercials on ABC, CBS, NBC and many cable stations. At that time our company was doing over a million dollars a month selling nutritional supplements through TV and radio sales. We shared this success with our distributors. PHTN is going to "repeat history" and do this again, except much better!” said Marlin. “Again we plan on using ABC, NBC, CBS but now we have access to hundreds more cable stations to carry our infomercials.”

You will experience Pure Health Trends Network’s products on TV and radio in 2008. And PHTN members will have the opportunity to share in the profits. Will history repeat itself? It appears it will. Jackie Marlin will make sure of that.

In addition to Jackie’s vast knowledge of the media, she’s also worked closely with Nutritional Consultants, Product Formulators, and has a long-time relationship with Product Manufacturers. With the FDA’s guidance, Jackie has learned the ins and outs of product labeling guidelines. Jackie will be a huge asset to Pure Health Trends Network and will once again create such an excitement; people won’t be able to contain themselves.

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