Habanero ORM Goes Gold


Pietermaritzburg, South Africa -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/02/2008 -- Chillisoft are proud to announce the Gold release of Habanero, an object relational mapping (ORM) framework for .Net that provides data persistence between relational databases and object-orientated code.

ORM is a promising recent development innovation, saving considerable time spent building database connections and writing repetitive Sql statements.

In a competitive market place, Habanero provides innovation by generating user interface forms or grids from the objects being mapped. In addition, Habanero can generate mapping definitions from an existing database and then generate the code for the classes to be mapped.

Habanero is available in two editions: Habanero Standard provides free open source ORM, and Habanero Professional is an advanced features edition that provides a GUI xml definitions manager, along with database reverse engineering, code generation and UI generation.

About Habanero
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