Author Shows How to Become a Published Book Author in 2008


Bethune, SC -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/02/2008 -- Published book author, Brian Scott, has released a free e-book, entitled, "Book Writing for Fun and Profit" (available at to help writers and authors publish and profit from their writing and achieve their dreams of becoming a respected book author in 2008.

Everybody has a story to tell, but not everybody knows how to transform his or her words into a saleable, packaged product. "Book Writing for Fun and Profit" outlines the entire book writing process, from picking a subject to packaging a book in digital or paperback form.

"Many undiscovered writers remain unpublished for a number of reasons," said Scott. "Some writers can't find a way to sell or publish their work. Other writers know how to write well, but they know nothing about publishing and packaging a polished product to sell online and offline."

"Book Writing for Fun and Profit" reveals tips and techniques on:

1) How to create a tantalizing book title;
2) How to develop sensational content;
3) How to create a powerful outline for your book;
4) How to get an ISBN for your book – in less than 24 hours and while saving $200 in the process;
5) How to list your book at and Barnes and Noble;
6) The easiest way to take orders for your book;
and much more!

"Author Brian Scott generously shares his skills and advice to help struggling authors and writers profit from their own books," said Andy Anderson, who used Scott's techniques to publish his book, ‘How to Make Money from Home as Freelancer.' "Scott's simple and budget-friendly tips are a big help to many would-be authors to bring their creativity to the masses."

About Brian Scott
Brian Scott is the author of "Home-Based Niche Riches" (Payday Publishing, 2007), a book and audio book that helps anyone profit from online niche markets. Scott included the same techniques he used to write and publish his own book in "Book Writing for Fun and Profit."

Scott offers these simple tips to get started with a book idea: "Before you begin your book writing adventure, you must research your idea and see if you have an audience. Who is going to read it? To whom are you trying to appeal with your words? Check out other books. Is there a book already published that resembles your book? What will make your book unique from theirs? If there are similar books already out there, what is going to make your book different and make people want to buy it?"

"Book Writing for Fun and Profit" is available for free download at, a valuable online resource for information on writing, publishing, marketing, and developing books. The direct link to download Scott's e-book is