Celebrity Mystery in New Jersey Comes to a Shocking Conclusion

“It Happened in Plainfield,” a weekly comic-mystery serial set in New Jersey and featuring real celebrities like George Clooney and Julia Roberts as characters, concludes its forty-week run on New Year’s Eve.


Plainfield, NJ -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/17/2007 -- Fans of the weekly online mystery serial “It Happened in Plainfield” will soon be reading the final chapter of the ongoing saga when the humorous story concludes its forty-week run later this month. There are still a few surprises left for readers, though, including a characteristically tongue-in-cheek ending that is guaranteed to both shock and amuse.

“The story is an over-the-top romantic fantasy set in Plainfield, NJ,” says author Michael Latshaw. “If you can believe such a thing is possible.”

Following the exploits of “everyman” Henson Ray, the comic-mystery takes readers on a wild journey through the suburbs of New Jersey and beyond. Along the way, Henson crosses paths with some real-life celebrities like Julia Roberts and George Clooney, as well as many unusual Plainfield locals who either help or hinder him in his quest for the truth. A truth that proves to be more bizarre and unbelievable than anything he could have imagined.

“It Happened in Plainfield” first premiered in April of this year, with a new chapter released every Monday morning. To find readers, Latshaw promoted the story on social networking websites like MySpace and Gather, as well as targeted forums and online bulletin boards. After that, fans of the story began telling their friends about it, and that’s when readership really took off.

“Viral marketing is a very important factor in the story’s success,” Latshaw admits. “I have a core group of readers that is very loyal to the story and the characters. They’ve contributed significantly to the website’s popularity.”

When “It Happened in Plainfield” winds up it’s nine-month journey on December 31st, fans of Henson Ray will not have to wait long to hear more from their favorite Plainfieldian. Latshaw has already launched an ongoing blog called “Henson’s Hell,” which is a real-life version of the blog Henson writes in the story.

“I wanted to add a different dimension to Henson’s world by bringing his blog to life,” Latshaw explains. “Readers don’t seem to want the story to end. So with the blog, fans won’t have to say good-bye to Henson after the final chapter.”

The blog will also serve as an ongoing marketing vehicle for the Plainfield story, which will continue to be available online throughout 2008.To access the story online, please go to

“Henson’s Hell,” the spin-off blog can be viewed at