The Offer Full Version Released for the Buyers.

An yet another treat for those hundreds and thousands of shoppers longing for those Big deals, which is officially released early this week.


Chennai, Tamil Nadu India -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/17/2007 -- The offer directory is believed to be a comprehensive directory for all those offers thrown by retail stores from all the cities across India during various occasions. The directory will showcase the various shopping offers, discount sales, discount shopping series, Introductory offers, Stock clearance, Interest schemes , free gifts, contests, free trips, and more. The offer directory is expected to be showcasing all those offers and shopping experiences that could save the buyer anything from a small to big pocket. The offers would span a wide area of products specifically concentrating on products like Laptops, mobiles, other consumer Electronics, Books, Apparels and services like Credit card Offers, Loans, travel discounts, Flight discounts, Hotel discounts etc.

It is observed that a huge number of people look for shopping deals, offers, discounts etc on the internet every single anticipating to get the best out of their money. It has always been an arduous task to know about the offers prevailing in the various stores around the cities due to their segregated nature and the Retailers have even more tough time letting the shoppers know about their new offers. Not just that, with the mushrooming online shopping sites on the internet, it is certainly getting difficult for the online shoppers to conclude on the best and cheapest deal. hence would be an aid to the marketing efforts of the retailers who can showcase all their shopping offers and discounts on the same platform and make it available for viewing of the shoppers and on the other hand, the shoppers would benefit by getting the offers and finding the best deals rather than hopping from site to site.

Added features like the option of requesting special discounts for Bulk Purchase is a sure delight for the shoppers. The site also includes a separate column for Brand wise discounts for all those Brand conscious shoppers.

Manish Jain, the Business Development Head of the company emphasized “ No denial , we are new. But every successful venture begins at the same stage and get going provided a proper set of plans are in place. The offer directory is a result of research conducted for the past few months studying the market behavior, market needs and the consumer reaction. We are confident that it would not take us long when a shopper would drop into a store and say that he learnt about the store offers from, assuming everything falls in place. Our offline and online marketing plans are expected to help us reach the masses in no time.”