AML Launches a New Search Engine Marketing tool, Integrating SEO (search engine optimization) within a Web Page Generator.

AML Launches a New Search Engine Marketing tool, Integrating SEO (search engine optimization) within a Web Page Generator.


Rancho Cucamonga, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/28/2007 -- Associated Marketers has launched a new website designed to help businesses become visible on the web. Page Author provides a simple to use tool, to build, optimize, and submit WebPages to a search engine. The tool may be used to promote an existing website, or create new search engine friendly sites.

Ed Shea a founding partner stated that, AML will apply techniques learned from years of experience in automating Computer Aided Manufacturing processes to simplify web publishing. Tools are designed for use by those without Web Design or SEO (search engine optimization) technical skills.

The idea for LeadsLander is based on the premise that the SEO process can be applied to any content, using an automated process. I know that that would be considered blaspheme in the SEO forums. However the majority of business web pages are written with no consideration for search. They are highly specialized with narrow topics making search optimization straightforward.

Businesses have ample content available that would be suited for publication on the web, the problem lies on the lack of technical skills related to publishing material optimized for search. LeadsLander product is our attempt to offer a tool where in-house textual content can be published by “cut and paste” skill levels.

The integrated SEO scoring method provides for fine tuning by the page author.
The HTML Tags important for effective indexing by search engines are automatically generated for each page. The visible scoring system assures that the page content supports the keywords and phrases chosen.

Building Link Popularity for a site through paid links or from unrelated sites has been discounted by search engines for some time. LeadsLander pages are dependant on content related to the business topic and will only post when they score well enough.

Publishing of pages to the integrated hosting is allowed once a minimum score is achieved. The page is viewed in a pre-viewer once saved, then automatically published to the AML server. Pages are submitted to search engines through XML sitemaps generated as pages are added.