Retiring Baby Boomers to Saturate Global Market with Companies for Sale: 70 Percent Will Transfer Ownership in Next 10 Years

Investment Bankers and Business Advisors Get Ready to Meet Demand


Gurgaon, Haryana India -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/28/2007 -- Evalueserve, ROCG Consulting, Pinnacle Equity Solutions, and Loyola University are proud to serve as Founding Sponsors of the unique new Alliance of Merger & Acquisition Advisors (AM&AA) online community ‘Midmarketplace.com’. This virtual marketplace is designed to bring together private small- and mid-size businesses with private capital firms, financial planners, and related service professionals. Midmarketplace.com will host a high-powered two-day seminar, ‘Your Biggest Payday’, for private business owners at Bally’s in Las Vegas January 14 and 15 2008.

This executive workshop and seminar will help mid-size, privately held companies learn when and how to HOLD and GROW or SELL and GO. It is not an academic forum. “Thought Leaders” from the private capital marketplace will share their best practices on how to maximize business value in the new global economy. These are well-respected investment bankers and business owners, recognized as best selling business authors. The seminar is being billed as “Truth from the Trenches” by its organizer because of the hard hitting practical approach to maximize the value of the mid-size business and emphasis on optimizing what that means to the business owner and owner’s family. It will address issues such as the best time to leave the business, how business valuations are changing, and how business owners can bridge the gap between the company’s present worth and that in the future. The gap is the difference between what a business owner needs in order to move on to the next phase of their life and what the business is actually worth. If the current business value provides that amount, they may chose to transfer/sell their business now. If there is a “gap” between what they need and the value of their business, then they may chose instead to hold onto and grow their business. The question is always to HOLD and GROW… or SELL and GO.

There are more than 300,000 privately held U.S. businesses with revenues of $5–150 million¹ that together with millions of smaller sized companies represent 55 percent of United States GDP. Of which, 70 percent will transfer ownership within the next 10 years² and the number of business sales is growing. Rapid globalization and new technology add risk to mid-size businesses as most of their net worth is tied up with the company. A number of mid-size business owners are opting out of global hyper-competition by selling their businesses. Most private companies are bought by well-funded corporations and private equity groups—and not always from the US. Add these factors to business sales due to the retiring Baby Boomer population, and it is evident that millions of people will be affected.

“The impact of globalization and leapfrog technology on mid-size businesses is just beginning to be felt. Businesses can be blindsided by low cost competition from anywhere. How many of these business owners know when and how to hold and grow or, if they’re better off to sell and go?” asks Michael Nall, Managing Partner of Chicago-based AM&AA. He adds, “Every business owner and advisor needs to update their ‘Financial IQ’ to compete”. Many are surprised that business owners, merger intermediaries, and academia could get together to respond to a new trend. Especially, one that is not even on the radar screen of most business schools because of their focus on large corporations in public markets, and not in the news even though 55 percent of the U.S. economy is the subject.

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