AuctionTNT Introduces Free “Auction Showcase™” To Help eBay Sellers Increase Their Profits By Cross-Selling and Upselling


Swansea, MA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/28/2007 -- announced today the availability of a new free tool to help eBay sellers cross-sell and upsell other products to their auction visitors.

The tool is called “Auction Showcase™”. It appears as a spinning 3D ring showing other auction items that the eBay seller currently has listed. Unlike other “gallery tools”, what makes this tool unique is that the seller can control which items show. For example, a seller might market shoes, jewelry, and baseball cards. It is quite unlikely that someone viewing an auction selling shoes is interested in seeing baseball card auction items. Auction Showcase allows the seller to control which auction items get shown. Serving relevant auction items to the visitor gives a better shopping experience, not only making a sale more likely, but it also reduces the appearance of trying to SPAM them with unrelated items. is a website that focuses on tools to help eBay sellers sell more and profit more. It contains nearly 20 different tools & features that can be used in eBay auctions (or any HTML page) to make them appear more professional over their competition. These features include the photo galleries & slideshows, audio and video hosting, and a method of easily harnessing feedback to increase sales.

Most Merchants recognize that the eBay marketplace is becoming increasingly more competitive, and are rightly concerned. In order to compete, it’s paramount that eBay sellers take steps to stand out from their competition in order to stay in business. AuctionTNT makes it easy to do so.

AuctionTNT offers both free and paid memberships.

About AuctionTNT
AuctionTNT was founded by Mike Enos. Recognized worldwide as an eBay expert, he has sold from home over $800,000 worth of products on eBay. He has also trained tens of thousands of people to also start and succeed in their own home based eBay business.

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