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Unofficial Lord of the Rings Online Hunter Guide Released

Killer Guides publishes a new guide for Lord of the Rings Online Hunters. The strategy guide can be purchased and downloaded at their online shop at


Sao Paolo, Brasil -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/28/2007 -- The Lord of the Rings Online Hunter Guide is another release from the online game guide publisher, Killer Guides. The company now offers a specialized reference for the Hunter class at only $29.99. The LotRO Hunter Guide is now available as a downloadable e-book from

Adding to the existing collection of LotRO strategy guides, the new Lord of the Rings Online Hunter Guide tackles the game at another angle. Out of 7 playable classes, the LotRO Hunter Guide concentrates on one single class, the Hunter. The Hunter Guide covers all aspects of the class - from the basic introduction, a step-by-step leveling path to advanced gameplay in a fellowship environment. The guide is geared towards both new and experienced players regardless of their progress in the game.

The LotRO Hunter Guide presents a more efficient method of playing the hunter class by reducing the normal trials and errors made by players. Lowering the learning curve, the guide helps players make the right decision from the start and helps them progress faster. The Hunter Guide describes the progression path with an easy to follow walkthrough. Players follow the guide quest by quest, eliminating the distractions of other unnecessary quests. As a result, players become much more competitive and reach the maximum level before others.

Besides providing the necessary information to reach the end-game content - a feat that usually takes a casual gamer months to achieve, the LotRO Hunter Guide provides other how-to's that further enhance the character. The much sought after answers to gear recommendations, vocation selection and advanced group strategies can be found in the guide as well as hunter-specific gold making tips. The strategy guide is aimed to reduce the time investment and gives average players the chance to master the hunter class.

Lord of the Rings Online, is a fantasy themed MMORPG based on Tolkien's popular novel. It enjoys a successful first year as players around the world join the adventure in Middle-earth. Taking the game a step further, Killer Guides provides new and competitive players with hints and tricks for topics such as gold making, leveling and playing end game content. The unofficial LotRO guides are written by dedicated pro-gamers focusing on information not readily available in the official guide.

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