Rave Fanatic Starts Rave 180 Blog

The Rave 180 Blog readers can keep up with the latest Rave trends and news.The topics like rave music, rave parties, and rave clothing.


Phoenix, AZ -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/28/2007 -- Rave fan Stephen Popp has partnered with Neekam company to create the Rave 180 Blog. This blog will act as a source of information and networking for fans of the lifestyle that unifies people of all cultures, Rave!

Stephen Popp says, “Rave is a really exciting community who are not at all destructive or malicious. They are gathering with the common intent to have fun and be peaceful. You might recognize them by their brightly colored rave clothes, and their favor for rave techno music.

Stephen Popp adds, “This blog seeks to add to the publicity surrounding everything rave related, including but not limited to: pictures of pretty rave girls, rave music, and links to places where you can see rave motion pictures.”

He adds, “Today rave has been convoluted into an excuse to take a lot of drugs. The community aspect is lacking and this blog seeks to reunify the common principles of the experience through exchanging information about all things related to rave culture, including social events and worldwide news. We will leave no niche untouched, highlighting not only the more commonplace techno raves, but also more specific types such as blood raves, and the ever popular happy rave.

According to Mr. Popp the Blog also gives great tips on where to find rave related products and lifestyle items, “We are going to tip off readers to the best rave clothing stores, so that you too can get your hands on those awesome rave clothes that you see on rave girls and boys.”

Rave news is ever present in the media. Prevalent in the media lately are reports of long time favorite locations being closed or restricted to partygoers. Don’t let your favorite party place to go rave heaven, come and join Mr. Popp at the Rave 180 blog and discuss your feelings on these issues and so much more. Exchange rave pics and get great tips so that your best memories are preserved.

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