Stock Trading Technology Enthusiast Starts Stock Software 365 Blog

With the Stock Software 365 Blog readers can keep up with the latest financial technology issues and stock trading news. It covers topics like finding the right stock trading technology and Wall Street software news.


Phoenix, AZ -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/28/2007 -- Wall Street technology maven, Merilyn Dwornik, has partnered with Neekam company to create the Stock Software 365 Blog. This blog will act as a source of information and networking for finding information on stock trading software, stock market software, stock trade software, stock software, stock forecast software, stock picking software and more!

The Stock Software Blog will help investors choose the right package. How about software that scan the market with a single click or can be set to scan automatically at intervals throughout the trading day? Maybe self-updating interfaces so users will never have to manually upgrade and all market data is included in the price.

This blog seeks to add to the publicity surrounding the choosing the right stock picking software, locating a good financial technology package, and seeking Wall Street technology aid, as well as help focus awareness on financial/technology issues that exist in this country.

"Because we know that stock trading involves risks. We're actually fundamentalists who want to provide investors with the opportunity to do a lot of research before deciding to purchase any stocks," Ms. Dwornik explained.

According to Ms. Dwornik, the Blog also stresses stock trading risk reduction, "If you're confident about your future, buy a stock and incur all the risk and rewards of owning a stock. If you're more worried that the bull market might be ending, you could limit risk with options just like a homeowner limits risk by buying insurance."

The Stock Software 365 Blog helps interested people stay abreast of the latest news on finding stock trend charting software, home stock trading software, stock channeling software and more.

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