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Beverly Hills Hair Restoration Announces Launch of Its New Website


Beverly Hills, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/28/2007 -- “We are quite excited to launch the state-of-art hair restoration facility in Beverly Hills, California. We are well-aware of the fact that hair loss problem has been a great problem, especially among youths and people belong to any age can be victims of hair loss. But most of them believe that hair loss cannot be treated and here we come at their rescue and make them aware that hair loss can be treated and hair can be restored as before once again to your scalp through natural treatment, proper taking of hair loss supplement and advanced graft preparation and placement. Everything you will get at Beverly Hills Hair Restoration,” says one of the officials of Beverly Hills Hair Restoration at the lunch of their new hair restoration website –

The demand for hair transplant physicians (otherwise known as hair grafters) is high on demand. is solely dedicated towards the hair loss surgery practice and its technicians have got 15 years of intensive training in graft preparation and placement. As you know that the naturalness after hair grafting mostly depends on the skill and experience of the hair grafters. So to meet this high-performance and customer satisfaction, provides one of the most experienced hair restoration services.

All credits for the establishment of this Beverly Hills Hair Restoration – A Medical Corporation go to Dr. John Kahen. Dr. John Kahen, MD is the founder of Beverly Hills Hair Restoration, a leader in hair transplant surgery. Unlike most other hair transplant surgeons, Dr. Kahen attended and trained in the field of general surgery at affiliated hospitals of New York University and Albert Einstein college of Medicine. This gives Dr. Kahen a benefit to utilize his surgical skills combined with artistry for natural looking hair transplantation.

Dr. Kahan says, “I’ve been in to this profession for quite a long time and I know what hair loss patients do expect when they visit me and how they should be dealt. I just attempt those experiences to this Beverly Hills Hair Restoration. I think I would be able to deliver the right services what my patients would expect.”

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