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Injured Blacksmith Hammers Home a Truth – Some Things Are Actually Better Than You May Think


Peoria, AZ -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/27/2007 -- NaturOli: As one of the world's most traveled and respected farriers, Walt Taylor is a world-renowned specialist on farriery, blacksmithing, and general horse care. Walt's passion is to find the right fit - both for the people and animals he works so closely with.

Recently, Walt discovered something that has made a change in his life. Not long ago, Walt was working in his forge when a piece of hot metal landed on his hand. It caused a second-degree burn. Walt does not easily submit to pain or discomfort, but an injury of this type can hinder his work. However, thanks to a loving daughter-in-law giving him something she thought might help, Walt's daily work became a little easier. The following testimonial contains Mr. Taylor's own words describing his experience:

"My hands take a beating! Working every day as a farrier and a blacksmith, my hands endure hard work, razor-sharp tools and knives, inclement weather, nails, hot steel, fractious horses, and barnyard debris and by-products that are highly acidic. Cuts, scratches, punctures, burns, and weather cracks guarantee sore hands every day, all day and all night.

Working in the forge one day, a red-hot piece of steel I was forging 'jumped' under the hammer and caused a second-degree burn on the heel of my hand just below the wrist joint. It was about as big as a silver dollar. As burns go, it was routine - little pain at first, sloughing of burned tissue, then becoming more painful and oozing serum and blood. It was in a place where an effective bandage was impossible, so it was left uncovered. What scabbing occurred was repeatedly knocked off by my work. The burn was still raw and had healed little during the first two weeks.

My wife, uncomfortable with the non-healing, suggested topical applicants rather than leaving it to heal by itself. My daughter-in-law suggested that I try a product made by "NaturOli" called Deep Penetrating Creme, a new olive oil-based emollient that has only been on the market a short time. Found to be effective in healing cracked and sore heels and feet. I'm a skeptic and a cynic. Nothing I've tried has really worked. She gave me a sample to use with an off-hand comment that it might help.

Within a week, the burn had dried and started covering itself. In about ten days, the wound surface diminished to the size of a quarter. At two weeks, the wound was completely healed except for one small crack in one of the normal 'creases' of the wrist. There isn't even a scar there now.

Besides the burn, I rubbed a little into the backs of my hands and into the cuts, scratches, nicks, and cracks on my fingers and palms. I can't believe what I see and feel. Calluses are still hard, but the rawness and pain is largely gone. Weather cracks haven't opened as they usually do when the weather is cold and dry, and the nicks and scratches heal much faster than they ever have before.

With regular use of this Deep Penetrating Cream, maybe I can wean myself away from the pain that comes with hard, physical work and the daily abuse that my hands endure. If your hands are your pain, I suggest you try some of this cream! It sure smells better than the way my hands usually smell, and they feel better than they ever have before. You won't be sorry if you give it a try. I wish I had found it 60 years ago!" - Walt Taylor*

Walt has consulted royalty, dignitaries and horse enthusiasts the world over with his knowledge and depth of expertise concerning horse care and outfitting. The entire NaturOli team is very proud to have such a respected name speak so passionately about his experience with their product and formula. They sincerely thank Walt for sharing it. Perhaps the full benefits of the NaturOli line still remain to be discovered.

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