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Computer Operating Systems (OS) Poster Published


Saratoga, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/28/2007 -- Javvin Technologies, Inc. has just published the Computer Operating Systems (OS) Poster. Designed for anyone interested in the current computer OS technologies and its evolving history, this Computer Operating Systems (OS) Poster covers all operating system technologies as well as decades of timelines of Unix, IBM OS, Microsoft and Apple OS, plus many OS systems from other vendors and organizations.

The highlights of this Computer Operating Systems (OS) Poster are listed below:
• A comprehensive computer operating system (OS) guide and reference for IT professionals and everyone interested in computer OS technologies and its history.
• Functions of Operating Systems and comparison of all major OSs available now.
• Complete history of computer OS development since the inception of computers in 1950' till now.
• Timeline of UNIX and UNIX-like operating systems, such as AT&T UNIX, HP and SUN UNIX versions, LINUX etc...
• Timelines of Microsoft OS evolution from DOS to Windows Vista.
• Timeline of IBM OS technologies for both mainframes and Desktops.
• Timeline of Apple computer OS development history.
• Designed by experts with decades of experience in the computing industry.

The details of the Computer Operating Systems (OS) can be found at http://www.javvin.com/computer-operating-systems-os-map.html.

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