Eat,Pray,Love Meets the Law of Attraction in the Newly Released Book Living The Secret Everyday

Joanne Scaglione and Suzanne Stitz claim there is no need to travel around the world to find yourself and the life you want.Their popular selling book can take you on your journey without leaving home.


Los Angeles, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/04/2008 -- Elizabeth Gilbert successfully integrates the law of Attraction, the heart of The Secret, into her journey to find herself in the best-selling book, Eat, Pray, Love. However, authors, Joanne Scaglione and Suzanne Stitz, of the popular selling book, Living The Secret Everyday: My Secret Workbook, say there is no need to travel around the world to find yourself and the life you want. Living consciously and deliberately everyday is the essence of Ms Gilbert’s book as well as the theme of Living The Secret Everyday.

The biggest issue facing humanity is its “inability to sustain contentment” states E. Gilbert in Eat, Pray, Love. She points out that although we go through “moments of pure peace, enlightenment and joy”- that without a teacher or Guru its hard to maintain this state of mind. Author, Joanne Scaglione agrees that making a permanent and lasting transformation to being happy in one’s life takes daily effort. That’s why she and her twin sister created what they refer to as their ‘life bible’- My Secret Workbook. It is their teacher or constant guidance, reminder and encouragement to stay-with-it everyday. They describe it as an all-encompassing guide, workbook, inspirational tool and journal all rolled up in one- clarifying, teaching, inspiring and reinforcing the principles of the Law of Attraction, taking readers on their own journey toward joyful fulfillment. Moving beyond the theoretical philosophy of The Secret, over 40 daily menus and recipes are presented to cook up that joyful life waiting for all of us. A day-by-day recommended 5- week program of daily living will lead to a life changing experience say the authors.

Co-written by a 30-year veteran educator; for the first time classic learning theory is partnered with basic self-help principles to make this book an experience in true and permanent life transformation. Using the most powerful learning model…an interactive approach engages the reader as an active participant in his own learning. Understanding the old adage that practice makes perfect, the authors incorporate doing, the only successful cornerstone to making any life change, an ongoing process.

About the authors
Joanne Scaglione and Suzanne Stitz, twin sisters, collaborate to create this new innovative program to live The Secret everyday. Joanne Scaglione has been a principal, counselor and teacher for almost 30 years. Author and lecturer, she has co-written 3 other books, all published by Rowan and Littlefield Publications. Suzanne Stitz, brings a creative, fresh and insightful approach to Living The Secret Everyday as she embarks on her own journey of personal growth and discovery.