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New Customer Application Accelerates Success of SaaS & Web 2.0 Companies Provides Unique Functionality to Harness Application Metrics for Greater Business Insight and Improved Decision-Making


Montclair, NJ -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/04/2008 -- OpSource, the SaaS delivery experts, today announced the availability of, a powerful Web application that provides on-demand companies with unique analytics, Web services and data exporting capabilities, as well as essential billing and support functionality to help companies gain greater insights into customer usage of their applications and accelerate their businesses.

As a central point of access to key business and technical metrics for SaaS and Web applications delivered by OpSource On-Demand, empowers software and Web companies to quickly assess the health of their businesses and act on high-impact strategic decisions to maximize long-term success. is available to all OpSource On-Demand customers at no extra charge.

"Delivering software as a service requires capabilities that are far beyond those offered by traditional hosting and managed services companies," said Nick Goss, service operations director for BMC Software's On Demand Business Unit. "OpSource not only provides BMC with a complete SaaS delivery solution, but also puts critical business insights at our fingertips. With the tools and metrics available through, we can better manage our on-demand business to optimize the customer experience and continually drive more value to boost our bottom line."

John Rowell , OpSource's chief technology officer, added, "OpSource understands that software and Web companies benefit greatly from understanding how their applications are being used by end users. allows on-demand companies like BMC Software to gather more complete information about the user experience and better manage such vital functions as billing without investing their own valuable time and resources. This useful information helps companies to design a better product, as well as more effectively target their marketing and sales resources and ultimately increase their competitive advantages and profitability." features a rich, intuitive and customizable interface that provides OpSource On-Demand customers with access to a range of vital functions to manage their applications, including:

* “Heads Up” System Status and Billing Displays – At-a-glance views that provide real-time insights into the business health of an on-demand application. These displays include application response and uptime information that illustrate the application's quality-of-service (QoS) metrics, as well as the application's revenues and receivables. Users can also drill down into each of the displayed statistics for more detail.
* OpSource Analytics – This unique set of functions allows users to create dashboards of key performance indicators (KPIs) that provide valuable application intelligence and enable more effective decision-making. Using an intuitive Web interface, customers can create dashboards based on a wealth of application-specific data such as events, response time, billing statistics, logins, monitoring alerts, network metrics, units and uptime metrics. Dashboards are easily customized to suit individual business needs through in-line controls, with the flexibility to obtain both real-time and historical views.
* OpSource Services Bus API – Powerful interfaces that only OpSource can provide, allowing customers to integrate information from their SaaS or Web 2.0 application into the OpSource Services Bus datastore. The result is a deeper and more robust view of the customer application and how it is being utilized by end users.
* OpSource Services Bus Export – Exclusive functionality to export data from the “Heads Up” Displays and OpSource Analytics in CSV or XML formats, allowing customers to leverage this valuable information in other applications.
* Support Functions – A single point of access for customers to manage all of their online interactions with OpSource. This comprehensive set of functions includes one-click support that allows application management team members to submit and track incidents or chat live with an OpSource support person to promptly answer questions and resolve issues.
* User-Based Personalization – Flexible customer control to define settings and preferences for presenting statistical views that suit their specific business needs and interests. enables software and Web companies to avoid the costs and complexities of building such decision support capabilities into their applications. They can instead focus their resources on more strategic development efforts.

About OpSource
OpSource delivers Web applications and software-as-a-service for on-demand companies, with hundreds of applications, millions of users and billions of transactions supported daily. OpSource On-Demand, the leading platform for Web application delivery, is defining how Web-based software is delivered. By choosing OpSource as their Web application delivery partner, companies are freed from investing in and managing the complex and costly infrastructure and services necessary to deliver applications over the Web. They can instead focus their resources on developing, marketing and selling their applications and services. OpSource On-Demand is suitable for companies at any stage of growth, with any type of on-demand application. OpSource is the only company to offer Success-Based PricingSM, a unit-based pricing model that allows businesses to begin with a modest minimum commitment and scale expenses as revenues increase.

Headquartered in Santa Clara, CA, OpSource has Web application delivery centers in Virginia, London and Bangalore. For more information about OpSource, visit

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