Beer Connoisseur Starts Beer 357 Blog

The Beer 357 Blog readers can keep up with the latest news and info about everything related to beer and topics like fun beer songs,how to avoid beer belly and more.


Phoenix, AZ -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/04/2008 -- Beer aficionado, George Rushforth, has partnered with Neekam company to create the Beer 357 Blog. This blog will act as a source of information and networking for popular topics like home beer brewing and more. This blog's mission is to provide information on glorifying that tasty beverage that has so many fans, beer!

George Rushforth says, “Nothing makes a beer taste better like pouring it into proper beer glasses and admiring its body and frothy head. Beer can be a very tasty and sense oriented experience. It is not just for college kids anymore.”

This blog seeks to add to the publicity surrounding the fanaticism surrounding beer and its many niche topics. From Beer Mugs to best brewers, you can read about it here.

Mr. Rushforth adds, "Beer is not just a beverage for drunken rioting. It can be enjoyed, purveyed and essentially appreciated. There are so many types of beer out there, which you might not know how good it actually is. This blog will tip you off to the better tasting varieties available from around the world.”

According to Mr. Rushforth the Blog also talks about fun games you can play with beer. “You can have hours of fun making beer. Drinking it is only a small part of it. Home beer brewing is gaining popularity as people seek to emulate the micro breweries that have become so popular with more advanced beer drinkers. Beer making supplies are readily available in unlikely places. You could even start your own beer of the month club featuring your own brews!"

News about beer is all over the place these days. Big events like the Great American Beer festival are always popular with beer lovers. Beer fests happen around the country; this blog will be helpful in directing you to the location of your local beer fest.

The Beer 357 Blog informs readers about the latest news on all things beer related. Whether it is talking about your favorite beer bottle coolies, or your last failed beer run, this is the place for all things beer.

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