ZHMICRO Releases Latest Version of Z++ Visual 07 with MySQL Integration

Z++ Visual 07 can now help software developers to rapidly develop advanced Enterprise Applications with newly integrated MySQL development tools.


Plano, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/04/2008 -- ZHMICRO LLC, a leading provider of enterprise software development tools that enables organizations to maximize the return on their intellectual capital investment, today announced availability of Z++ Visual 07 with integrated database development tools. ZHMICRO has created a new and easier way for software development organizations to create advanced Enterprise Applications that meet todays requirements for database incorporation. In this latest version MySQL is fully supported with other industry leading database vendors soon to follow.

Z++ Visual 07 offers a comprehensive Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that gives a software developer unmatched capabilities when building applications that require, or would be enhanced by, extending the capabilities of C++ . When used with the Z47 Processor, applications written with Z++ Visual 07 are capable of running Operating Systems such as Microsoft Windows, LINUX, and PALM and also provide the ability to create distributed applications that execute on these multiple platforms. This combination of applications written with Z++ Visual 07, and the use of the Z47 Processor, allows for the rapid development of Enterprise Applications and the integration of these applications within a wide range of frameworks.

“This latest version of Z++ Visual 07 continues ZHMICRO's commitment to empower software developers in creating applications far beyond the capabilities of C++,” said Dr. Zorabi Honargohar, Chief Scientist, ZHMICRO LLC. “By eliminating many of the difficulties that are encountered when creating database intensive applications, software developers can focus on the creation truly innovative products.”

For more information on Z++ Visual 07 , or to request a free 60-day evaluation, please visit http://zhmicro.com or contact ZHMICRO at zppsales@zhmicro.com or by calling 1-972-782-9053.

Headquartered in Plano, Texas, ZHMICRO provides software that enables organizations to maximize the return on their intellectual capital investment. The company's software development solutions provide the ability create and support enterprise ready applications that are capable of running on multiple Operating Systems. ZHMICRO's business consulting and educational services include assisting Software Development Organizations in creating solutions and overcoming technical hurdles that exist in complex operating environments. ZHMICRO has utilized its experience from providing consulting services to diverse software companies to produce technology for the creation of advanced Distributed Computing solutions.

Around the world, a number of organizations of all sizes and types rely on ZHMICRO's software development solutions. In the private sector, and in the public sector, customers come from all levels and branches of government.