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World of Warcraft Alliance Leveling Guide Now Available at Killer Guides

Killer Guides releases a new leveling guide for World of Warcraft. The WoW Alliance Guide is available for instant download at


Killer Guides announces the release of the World of Warcraft Alliance Guide. The online strategy guide publisher adds the leveling guide for the Alliance faction to its extensive series of World of Warcraft strategy guides. Available at only $29.99, the guide can be purchased and downloaded at their online store,

Killer Guides offers another alternative for fast track leveling World of Warcraft character. The WoW Alliance Guide is written especially for the Alliance faction. Regardless of class, race or starting zone, the leveling guide offers a step-by-step solution to level from 1 to 70 at lightning speed. Players no longer need to spend hours grinding the same mobs as the guide explores another method of leveling through quests alone. The guide is suitable for any level as players can pick up at any point of their progress.

The WoW Alliance Guide gives average players the chance to reach level 70 faster with the game's questing system. The new quests and increased quest experience of the latest patch 2.3 make the questing route - aside from being more fun and less monotonous - faster and more rewarding. The author had spent weeks of optimizing the route as he comments, “Leveling to 70 the first time took a long time due to playing, researching quests and monsters, backtracking to find better quest-and-zone-progression routes.”.

Step-by-step from 1 to 70, the WoW Alliance Guide directs players exactly where to go, which quests to get and which monsters to kill. The author wrote the guide starting with different classes of the Alliance faction and recorded each leveling step and grouped them into zones as he progressed. All the npcs, monsters, quests, quest items, and quest containers are researched and linked to an online database, providing any additional information players may need.

The WoW Alliance Guide is a complete leveling guide and is fully compatible with all classes and playstyles. The guide equips players with the information and advice they need to know before start leveling. The included maps provide the locations of the quests, in-game coordinates, and written descriptions of tough-to-find locations of each zone. All the information is provided so players need not spend time to figure out where to go or what to do next.

World of Warcraft enjoys a huge success with more than 9 million players all over the world. With the release of the Burning Crusade expansion, Blizzard has emphasized on making the end game more fun and more challenging. However, reaching it requires a lengthy leveling process that can take weeks and even months to achieve. Killer Guides offers a leveling strategy guide to help new and experienced players complete this process faster. Besides, Killer Guides provides strategy guides to accommodate other areas of the game such as a raiding guide, a profession guide and a gold making guide.

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