Pet Care Ambassador Starts Pet Supplies 365 Blog

With the Pet Supplies 365 readers can keep up with the latest news and stories about discount pet supplies! Are you interested in finding articles and information about dog pet supplies, pet grooming supplies and more? This is the place for you!


Phoenix, AZ -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/22/2008 -- Pet care ambassador, Nancy Blakemore, has joined with Neekam company to create the Pet Supplies 365 blog. This blog intends to become a community where users can share information about the best pet supplies online. This blog's mission is to provide information about online pet supplies and so much more.

Nancy Blakemore says, “You don’t really have to spend a fortune to bring your pets the very best. Some time spent online can save you a lot, and that is why we made this blog. I hope to lead people to the best deals in pet supplies online.”

This blog seeks to create a community for pet lovers where they can find pet training supplies and all of the tools they will need to give a great quality of life to their pet. The blog will feature tips on how to locate the best small dog pet supplies for just about any breed.

Nancy Blakemore says, "Pet supplies catalogs often feature sales that are time based. You can actually find a lot of cheap pet supplies online, where the savings are always present. A lot of people have gotten into wholesale pet supplies for retailers, and can offer you a great deal of savings. You can even save a substantial amount on brands like Jeffers pet supplies.”

She continues, "Pet training can be very costly if you allow someone else to handle every aspect of it. You can often find home training tools from places like Pet Supplies Plus, and other local area retailers.”

The Pet Supplies 365 blog gives you the latest news and tips about the best pet supplies discounts available. Save time and money by visiting today so that your pet can enjoy high quality discount pet supplies today!

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