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Distributive DataDrill Supports Performance Measurement in Classified Business Areas

Distributive Management, a leading provider of web-based performance management solutions for projects, programs and the business, announced today that a premier client, supported by Distributive for the past 8 years, has expanded its 2009 growth plan, using Distributive’s metrics dashboard solution into its classified business areas.


Fredericksburg, VA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/21/2008 -- This global aerospace giant incorporates its programs and new projects into the scope of their performance monitoring and reporting with the support of DataDrill. Because of the classified nature of this expansion, stringent requirements were placed on the security of the information access and reporting. For business management purposes, however, it was important that data from the classified project be included in centralized performance reporting.

“Each project and business area, particularly high-security areas, wants individually customized information,” says Distributive Management’s Don Baxter. “DataDrill implementations can be scalable in a compartmentalized manner that in no way loses the centralization and standardization of performance reporting that the corporate entity requires.”

Without sacrificing efficiency or having to resort to manual processes and cumbersome spreadsheets, the classified project was able to use Distributive’s DataDrill to merge neatly into the business unit’s automated measurement processes and performance summaries.

About Distributive Management and DataDrill
Distributive Management delivers project, program and enterprise solutions that address the essential challenges its customers face in areas such as dashboard reporting, performance measurement, metrics reporting, performance management, process improvement, CMMI Measurement & Analysis, software and IT management, and PMO management. With customers such as Arbitron, Boeing, Booz Allen Hamilton, GEICO, GE, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, SAIC, and Raytheon, Distributive Management’s performance dashboard software, DataDrill, is being used to improve performance in a wide range of industries, including communications, defense, software/IT, technology, consulting, banking, and insurance.