Next SIM2 Unlocks US Version iPhone Like a Breeze?


Hong Kong, Hong Kong -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/21/2008 -- easyishop.com, a Hong Kong headed ecommerce online electronics wholesaler, recently rolled out The Next SIM 2, a specifically US version iphone unlock kit. A wired name, which is less strange or surprising compared to what they have said it can do – unlocking iphone like a breeze.

Talks with Mr. Alexander, CEO of easyishop.Lnc company, gets more details revealed. “It has been tested and will work on the latest OTB (out of the box) 1.1.2 iPhones, and future versions will expect to work too.” Said him, “Very little skill required, cut your SIM card corner and use it. No need for complex software command line or typing in Unix command.” Sounds great to those iphone buyers who will nolonger suffer from being restricted to one carrier when their home/work changes, still the biggest improvement is the intact warranty. “Your Apple warranty will not be voided, you can send the phone back to Apple services in case you have to, unlike other baseband firmware crack down where Apple already said you will void warranty. You may even refund your iPhone at Apple shop if you don't like it.” added Mr. Alexander.

The ease of unlock procedure lies in that you only require to cut a small corner on your SIM to adapt it to be used in Iphone. And the SIM still can work on ordinary phones. Least damage and least changes comparing to other "big chip" SIM unlocking requires a big cut. More over, you will get an jail-broken Iphone to install any third party software you like. For more visit http://easyipodshop.com/-sku-a07122600ux0004-detail.html

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