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EXTREME brings MAYHEM to the world of Paintball


London, UK -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/20/2008 -- The Extreme Group, founders of The Extreme Sports Channel, is pleased to announce the launch of Extreme Mayhem, the ingenious, off-the-wall biz limbering up to deliver meaningful growth to the paintball industry in the UK & Europe.

At a grass-roots level, the new extrememayhem.co.uk website is the foundation and portal to this venture. Informative, relaxed and innovative, it is designed to help users – and particularly those new to paintball – to book a game online for free, with direct links to their nearest accredited venue, and without unwittingly paying hidden agency booking fees. With a community approach typical of the Extreme brand, the website already boasts Britain’s widest (and still growing) network of over 70 quality paintball sites in England, Scotland, N. Ireland, Ireland & Wales, and also unique guides to training sites, leading forums, news & sporting events, to help paintballers navigate their way into the sport.

The Extreme Group is committed to seeing paintball in Europe emulate the success seen in the USA, where Paintball is now the 3rd largest action sport, by working closely with key players in the industry and harnessing the strength of Extreme – with its multiple brands and media exposure – to support and expand the Paintball industry, both as a recreational activity and as a competitive sport.

To this end Extreme Entertainment (a long-term player in production & distribution of extreme sports footage) is already working closely with one4one TV (world’s biggest producer of paintball footage) on several documentary projects targeted at mainstream TV. The business is also exploring ways to actively encourage the migration of recreational players into the competitive tournament sport.

Al Gosling, CEO of the Extreme Group and founder of the Extreme Sports Channel, believes that paintball should now be recognised as a sport and personally endorsed an application made by The Paintball Association earlier this year. This is currently being reviewed by Sport England. If successful the UK (the leading paintballing nation in Europe) would be the first country to do so, taking the initial mandatory step towards the ultimate long-term achievement – getting tournament paintball into the Olympic Games.

“Extreme Mayhem is a perfect example of the Extreme business concept in action; pinpointing a market sector with obvious cultural synergy where the brand can make a substantive difference, defining the strategy and then just doing it”, stated Al Gosling.

Duncan Farber, head of Extreme Mayhem, said “Paintball in the UK is evidently struggling to achieve its true potential and is devalued by remaining in essence an ‘underground’ sport with fragmented routes to market. Our strategy is simplicity itself; use our marketing strength and brand loyalty to promote and grow the sport”.

Ex Mayhem is proud to sponsor the Euro 5 Man Paintball Championships being held in Ashford, Kent on the 11th and 12th of November, 2007. http://www.euro5man.com

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About one4one TV
One4one TV is owned by Sekwa7prod company, the world leader in producing and broadcasting paintball since 2004. Based in France, Sekwa7prod focus in bringing paintball to larger audiences on different medias such as the internet, mobile phones, Video on Demand, Peer to Peer TV, Cable and satellite TV and more.

Sekwa7prod operates the international paintball website http:/www.one4one.tv, and is the creator of the first video on demand channel dedicated to paintball, The Paintball Channel.

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Mathieu Luquet

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