Samson Energy Drink Launched To Help Start Up Companies Enter Energy Drink Market


Chesterbrook, PA, -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/22/2008 -- Samson offers a turnkey solution; the company has one of the best tasting energy drinks on the market, making it powerful and strong enough to compete in taste with market leaders.

The company featured product is the “Bag in a Box” energy drink concentrate for bar owners, large volume nightclubs, health clubs, restaurants, convenience stores and others wishing to save thousands of dollars a year dispensing high quality energy drink cocktails. Samson states we make it easy by putting our energy concentrate syrup- product in a bag-in-a-box so that it can be private labeled and be use on the soda-dispensing gun. “Samson Energy Drink” is made in the USA from the highest quality of products our ingredients are the same and or similar as other canned or bottled energy drinks which include Vitamin B12, Caffeine, Taurine, and Glucoronolactone.

The Samson energy drinks has a very similar taste to the most popular energy drinks without the after taste. Samson Energy Drink” is made from the highest quality of products. Samson gives you more for your money, at a fraction of the price. The Bag-in-the-Box" energy drink produces very little waste due to the fact one 3 gallon "bag in a box" is equivalent to 18 gallons of canned energy drinks, or 18 cases or 422 Aluminum 8.4 oz cans providing for a huge savings and profits. There's absolutely no mixing, measuring or spilling, and waste is virtually eliminated. With the Bag in the Box you will never have to worry about serving and or drinking a drink that is flat and or stale.

Having had great success with the private label of the Bag-In-a Box, the company recently started to bottle and can its energy drink formula as a co-packer for small start up companies. The company now private labels its formula in re-sealable 20 oz plastic bottles and in the 8.4 oz cans. The good news for the small start companies is the ability to test the market without having to spend hundred and thousands of dollars on product development. According to Samson the industry average start up order is 5 to 10 thousand cases, while at Samson Energy Drink, we have a low minimum start up orders. For example for the 20 oz plastic bottle there is only a 432 case minimum and for the 8.4 oz Aluminum Cans a 360 case minimum order, making it ideal production to test the market and do promotions without having to spend a lot of money. Samson Energy Drink offers private label energy drink at a fair price.

According to Al Samson his company is able to do offer such low minimums because they own the formulation and that they also have the ability to create the labels for the bottles and plastic sleeves for the cans. The plastic sleeve fully wraps around the 8.4oz can to completely customize the can to specifications, the sleeve is placed on the can sealed on the can, to provide a final product that is outstanding with top quality labels and graphics. Samson states that the clear and or opaque sleeve labels accept all digital output, including digital photos and graphics.

We are proud of the service that we provide and even prouder of our energy drink states Samson, we are confident about our drink we will provide a free sample of the 8oz can to all wishing to taste the product all that’s required to receive the free sample is a shipping account number, and or pay only for shipping. Additional information can be obtained on line at