ProjectManagementCrossing, the Project Management Field’s Most Specific and Comprehensive Job Board, Launches with More Than 10,000 Jobs


Pasadena, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/23/2008 -- Finally there is a website and job board that is for project management professionals and no one else. EmploymentCrossing has launched ProjectManagementCrossing, the job board dedicated to finding and posting all jobs in project management -- regardless of the industry.

With ProjectManagementCrossing’s staff of hundreds of experienced researchers constantly monitoring the hiring needs of more than 250,000 employers across the country, the latest and greatest job ads are being added to the site every day. And since the jobs listed on the site are specific to the project management field, job seekers can enjoy faster, more streamlined job-search experiences.

“All professionals should be able to visit a job board that caters to their career niche. It seems that many people get left out in the cold if they’re not looking for commonly sought-after positions in popular industries. With the continual expansion of our Crossing sites, I hope to be able to open more doors for professionals in more specific career fields,” said CEO A. Harrison Barnes.

In addition to showcasing a growing range of job listings, including hard-to-find jobs not posted on other employment sites, ProjectManagementCrossing features helpful weekly articles that discuss the project management field’s key players, companies, and stories.

This groundbreaking website is affiliated with EmploymentCrossing (www.employmentcrossing.com), the main hub for a growing family of industry-specific job-search sites that launched on April 9, 2007. Currently, job seekers can visit EmploymentCrossing to sign up for ProjectManagementCrossing’s services.

And the EmploymentCrossing group of websites is still expanding. With more launches planned for early 2008, EmploymentCrossing will continue to provide niche-specific job boards for professionals everywhere.

The development of the Crossing employment sites has been inspired by the success of LawCrossing (www.lawcrossing.com), which features the largest collection of active legal jobs in the world, including more than 100,000 positions at top law firms, corporations, public interest organizations, and government offices throughout the U.S. Since its launch in July 2003, LawCrossing has become the world’s largest legal career-placement website. The company is another brainchild of Barnes, who also founded the hugely successful parent company of the Crossing employment sites, EmploymentScape (formerly Juriscape), in 2000.

EmploymentCrossing, which features more than 30 industry-specific career websites and job boards with massive and ever-expanding collections of jobs, is quickly becoming a job-seeking staple in many professionals’ careers.

About EmploymentCrossing
EmploymentCrossing is an affiliate of EmploymentScape. Established in 2000, EmploymentScape has been helping job seekers find employment for more than seven years. Today, EmploymentScape has grown into an international, multimillion-dollar affiliation of more than 15 profitable companies and 300 enthusiastic employees.