Darts Software

Score Darts Games and Keep Track of Play-offs Without Using Pen and Paper


Rostov-on-Don, Rostov -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/28/2008 -- Press Release
Darts Club (http://darts-club.com/) announces the release of Darts CLUB, a software darts scorer to help professional darts player calculate scores, judge games, get darts tips and keep track of achievements automatically.

Are you seriously involved with the game of darts? Organizing play-offs or owning a darts club? Empower the competitions with an incorruptible authority! Darts CLUB takes away the arguments by calculating the scores impartially and automatically. Being a computer program rather than a human being, Darts CLUB is guaranteed to be completely unprejudiced.

Are you a bar owner? Darts CLUB is just the perfect solution perfect for any bar with a dart board! The darts players don't have to be computer professionals to use the darts scorer. A single click on the dart board shown on the computer display calculates score automatically with no human factor and no arguing involved. Just show Darts CLUB where the dart has landed, and darts software will do the rest!

Darts CLUB not only judges your games, it gives darts tips and keeps track of your performance and the performance of other players as well. Statistical data on every game and every throw are stored and accounted for, allowing determining the best player or showing the best throw in many years. Darts CLUB provides invaluable data to any serious darts player, allowing them to progress faster.

Is it possible to use such a product in a fast-paced sports environment? Darts CLUB was designed by darts enthusiasts, and used on several darts competitions. The feedback was gathered and changes were made to make Darts CLUB a perfect tool for darts competitions. There's no need to write down the throws or calculate the results. Just click the mouse on a wedge where the dart has landed, and the correct score is calculated and deducted from your score automatically.

When you are close to outshot, Darts CLUB will calculate and recommend the most effective going-out. No need for you to fiddle with numbers! Just relax and play the game!

There are still players who prefer the old way of tracking the scores with pen and paper. Darts CLUB advanced features and near perfect usability can convince even the skeptics. Displaying players' avatars make for perfectly looking champion charts. Keeping every throw and every game in the memory of a computer makes it easy to track players' performance, judge games and publish historical data. As the games are stored forever, return players will appreciate the personal touch and convenience offered by Darts CLUB.

Invite an impartial judge to your darts contests! Download Darts CLUB now from http://darts-club.com/