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PimpFish 2007.9 With Plugins Released - Not Your Average Download Manager


Odense, Denmark -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/28/2008 -- Zabersoft, Inc. has released a new version of PimpFish - Designed to work on Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista, PimpFish is a Download Manager, Internet Explorer or Firefox toolbar and an assortment of plug-ins designed to make it easier to download and share content you find online. With PimpFish, you can grab, download, organize, and share Flash, QuickTime or any other video, pictures, or files you find on Web sites.

This new version dubbed PimpFish v2007.9 adds a whole range of improvements and new features designed to make it even easier for users to download video and other media content from websites such as Youtube,,, and many other popular online video websites. For the first time PimpFish now includes true 1-click downloads from video websites by the use of an innovative plugin system which keeps PimpFish continuously updated with support for an ever growing list of sites.

“This new plugin architecture lets us handle a lot of the actual work involved in grabbing video from websites on our servers” said Arni Johannesson, Zabersoft CEO and co-founder. “To the user this is completely transparent, and all they see is a toolbar in their browser where they hit a “Grab Movies This Page Links To” button. It’s as simple as it gets - But under the hood a lot of cool stuff happens (..)”.

Furthermore the new PimpFish adds a feature long sought after by our users - Spidering. This new feature allows people to - in an extremely simple manner - crawl websites straight from within their browser. Users can make PimpFish follow links based on keywords and then grab whatever content they desire, may it be pictures or movies.

“The new Spidering feature is actually also run off our server without the user ever knowing it. Creating such a complex serverside application capable of handling a substantial amount of requests was not a trivial task” said Michael Dunn, Senior Software Architect, Microsoft Visual Developer MVP, and Zabersoft co-founder. “We have really moved into the domain of moving a lot of the application serverside - This enables us to do speedy updates and fixes, without any hassle to the user”

PimpFish is an all-around utility for the casual surfer which begins with an advanced toolbar for Internet Explorer. The toolbar works in tandem with the FloatBar for Internet Explorer, a powerful tool which helps you in saving any embedded video file you bump into online such as Flash, QuickTime, and Windows Media. The FloatBar brings back the long lost Pictures Toolbar in Internet Explorer 7.

PimpFish is based on a tried and tested technology base and is certified for Windows Vista by Microsoft.