ControlScan Certifies As Safe Shopping Site


Atlanta, GA and Miami, FL-- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/01/2008 -- In an effort to increase its internet security, AMKNY ( announced that it has partnered with ControlScan, an industry leader in internet security. This agreement illustrates AMKNY’s continued commitment to the highest possible security standards. ControlScan will work with AMKNY to maximize consumer confidence, ensure privacy standards and assist AMKNY with meeting the Payment Card Industry’s (PCI) compliance security standards.

ControlScan will conduct PCI Compliance security tests of in order to help ensure the site's security and the safety of its shoppers. Along with these security tests, ControlScan will conduct independent audits of’s business background and procedures.

"Privacy and security are the main concerns of consumers," says ControlScan President Aaron Biddar "Consumers want to do business with companies who take privacy and security seriously."

About AMKNY (
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About ControlScan
ControlScan, an industry leader in internet security and PCI Compliance solutions. These solutions include comprehensive PCI Compliance scanning services and marketing tools which have proven to be effective within the industry. For more information, please visit or call 1-800-825-3301.