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Integral Fusion Launches Its New Redesigned Website


Noida, India -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/13/2008 -- In its first phase of a strategic branding initiative that began earlier this year Integral Fusion has launched a redesigned Web site created by Integral Interact, Integral Fusion’s design arm. Integral Interact, leveraging their years of experience in the field have come up with dramatic improvements in navigation, uniformity, appearance, and accessibility to users. Their use of enhanced graphics and the new page layouts provide visitors with an improved user experience

The unconventional website ( uses optimized graphics and innovative techniques that gives it its sophisticated look. The well planned architecture ensures ease of navigation, where in there is a less chance of visitors getting lost.

The website design has been built around the company philosophy and thus imparts a great insight into the company’s vision. The Company values and beliefs are clearly depicted throughout the site and provides for an interesting read.

The website provides comprehensive information about the broad assortment of IT services and products offered by them, in a segregated easy to access format. The site is nonetheless an easy read that employs few technical jargons consequently catering to a genre of visitors.

One of the main features of the new website is the RFI (Request for Information) form that allows your request to be passed on to the concerned person(s) facilitating a speedy reply from their end. This tool helps both parties make sure that the communication channel is easily accessible and reliable for unhampered dialog. This also allows Integral Fusion an opportunity to contact you on a later stage to follow up and inform you about their new service/product introduction, news etc.

The site also provides information on other related activities and businesses that the company is involved with such as web development taken care by their design studio as well as soft-skills, project management & consulting taken care by their training division.

Integral Fusion as a vendor…sorry partner, is the kind of relation they foster with their business clients. This is only one of the plausible reasons for choosing them as a vendor. You can check out other reasons to partner with them in their “Why Integral Fusion” section.

Their quality commitment, in terms of delivery deadlines, new technology etc. is quiet robust and you can read about it in their “Service Assurance” section.

Strategy – Innovation - Value is their motto. The 3 pillars on which the company is founded: IT Strategy with the use of Innovative tools to bring Value to their customers.

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