Google Page Rank of Website Depends on Certain Factors


New Delhi, India -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/15/2008 -- Google page rank of a site depends on the number of websites linking to it. This gives information about the quality of links. Google Page rank level ranges from 0 to 10. Most of the websites have a Google page rank between 0 and 6. NDDW is a search engine optimization company that employs all reliable methods to increase the page rank of an online business website.

To rank a website in terms of quality and back links, Google page rank is one of the main factors of measurement. This is not necessary that good page rank websites has better ranking in searching terms. Even page rank 0 websites can be found in the top of Google search engine.

The content of the web page providing your link to your website is taken into consideration by Google. It is not worth to establish a link with the website that does not matches the relevant category. It is totally useless to put a link on high pr loans white you are promoting a health website. Relevancy of content and category are requires. Similarly link buying strategy needs to adopt with high relevant links. “Relevancy is key factor in Google page rank. To increase the page rank of a website, NDDW adopts such link building techniques which put emphasis on content and category relevancy.

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