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Killer Guides launches the unofficial Final Fantasy XI Beastmaster Guide

Killer Guides publishes a new Final Fantasy XI Beastmaster Guide. The guide can be purchased and downloaded at


Sao Paolo, Brazil -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/28/2008 -- The Final Fantasy XI Beastmaster is the latest release from a leading online game guide publisher. Killer Guides is adding another job-specific guide to the current Final Fantasy XI bundle which initially consisted of seven other guides. The FFXI Beastmaster can be separately purchased from the bundle at the online store, for the price of $29.99.

Instead of providing just any other general strategy guide, Killer Guides has targeted on each playable job in Final Fantasy XI. Our recent addition of FFXI Beastmaster guide is a complete reference for any player who wishes to improve on game performance and gain better experience from playing a beastmaster. The hint book covers everything from the basics of the beastmaster job to advanced strategies for collecting rare gears, fighting Maats. Ballistas and making gils.

The Final Fantasy XI Beastmaster guide escorts you from the first step of unlocking the job to becoming a skillful beastmaster. New players will find the discussion of each ability, trait and pet, a good introduction to the job, whereas experienced players can start working their way through the end game with a step-by-step leveling guide. As a result, both new and experienced players become more prepared and focused to reach the level cap much more rapidly.

Leveling up to the level cap faster means that players can spend more time at the end game where more interesting activities such as fighting with other players in a Ballista match, challenging Maat for a dual, collecting the ultimate equipment and massive amount of gils awaits. The FFXI BST Guide not only provides an efficient way for a beastmaster to reach end game but also offers our pro-gamers' expertisetips and tricks into the end game content of Final Fantasy XI to promote a more enjoyable gaming experience.

Final Fantasy XI, is a MMORPG based on the popular Final Fantasy franchise. The game has a solid player base from both Japanese and international players. Constantly seeking for better alternatives and ways to improve player's performance, Killer Guides' team of authors and pro-gamers work very hard to offer insights, hints and tricks which are not available in the official guides. From the basics and mechanics of the game to advanced gaming strategies, our unofficial FFXI guides are suitable for players of any level.

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