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Enhance Your iTunes Experience With Award Winning Bossa

The first program that allows you to schedule the music on your PC.


Hood River, OR -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/28/2008 -- Hood River based Swami Systems LLC announces the latest update to their award wining software Bossa. Bossa allows you to do more with iTunes and with version 3.1 they’ve added iTunes playlist scheduling as well simplified playlist generation. Not only does Bossa allow you to easily play your music on a timer, the Bossa Lab lets you discover more about the music you have in your library; organize your tracks, see artist pictures and find artist information from biography’s to discographies. These features allow you to take your iTunes experience to another level.

With Bossa 3.1’s Automator you can schedule your music and automate what you want to hear. Bossa’s built-in timer allows you to easily automate your music on a daily or weekly schedule. Bossa also lets you generate timed playlists for your iPod by selecting what music you want to hear and for how long you want to hear it. The Bossa Generator lets you make a playlist up to 24 hours long. The Bossa Lab downloads Tags and Selectors for your music. The Lab also allows you to view the latest artist pictures of the music you're playing as well as information about the artist’s through Wikipedia.

New in Bossa 3.1:

1. The Automator - Version 3.1 allows you to schedule an iTunes playlist or make your own mix in Bossa. A lot of users have invested a lot of time organizing their iTunes playlists and wanted to use them in Bossa. Now you can automate them in Bossa and play them on a schedule too.
2. The Generator - Bossa 3.1 adds easy playlist generation and simplified retrieval of saved playlists. Generate a timed playlist by selecting what you want to hear and for how long. With the Generator you can make a playlist up to 24 hours long.
3. The Lab - Bossa's kitchen is now an even a better place to cook up something with your music. Version 3.1 adds quick search to easily find an artist, album or genre in your music library. We’ve also added the Lab icon the the Bossa player for fast access. There’s not an easier way to view and organize your music than the Bossa Lab.
4. The Player – We’ve added iTunes playlists to the Bossa Mix. Now you can play and automate your iTunes playlists in Bossa or create your own mix.

Bossa 3.1 is now loaded with even more features that allow you to take control of your music. Play what you want, when you want. With just one click you can be in charge of your iTunes Music on your computer. Check out Bossa online at www.mybossa.com

Swami Systems LLC are Hood River, Oregon residents, Barry Paul and Michael van Sisseren. They are both huge music enthusiasts. Barry is constantly listening to new music while coding on Bossa and Mike works in the music industry as a DJ and program director for the area54 radio program which is currently on nightly on Portland’s alternative station 94/7 fm. Their involvement in the industry made them want to do more with the current features in iTunes. That's how they came up with Bossa; the first application that makes playing, retrieving, scheduling and organizing music as easy as one click.

Besides their work on Bossa, Swami Systems is constantly working on new software ideas and products for enhancing and simplifying our lives.