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Corporate Performance Management With Simplicity – ElegantJ BI launched

One Complete Product Bringing Business Intelligence for Everyone, Anywhere, Anytime Making Business Intelligence more accessible to organisations of all sizes, ElegantJ BI Suite is one comprehensive product that provides the most simple, practical and affordable Business Intelligence suite on unified, proven, state-of-the art enterprise architecture.


Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/27/2008 -- Elegant MicroWeb announces another milestone in the growth of Elegant MicroWeb’s enterprise applications and product showcase with the unveiling of a versatile and complete Business Intelligence Suite, ElegantJ BI that brings ‘BI to Everyone, Anywhere, Anytime’.

ElegantJ BI Suite is one comprehensive product with the most simple, easy and complete portfolio of advanced business intelligence capabilities on a state-of-the-art enterprise architecture, to help organisations consolidate and drain streamlined quality information to manage core strategies and improve performance management.
The release is an important milestone for fulfilling the company’s aspirations for providing practical and affordable Corporate Performance Management and Operational BI solutions. By merely expanding on the usability of data and existing IT infrastructure and technologies coupled with less training requirements that will result in better user take up and participation; ElegantJ BI ensures in giving companies the opportunity to make the most of their IT investments.

ElegantJ BI can be deployed to Plan, Monitor, Analyze, Direct and Improve corporate performance through scorecards and KPI implementations, for proactive, forward looking and competitive enterprises. It’s easier to monitor critical business metrics, be alerted about issues, manage goals, and track performance across the organisation. When used for Operational BI, it empowers executives, line-of-business managers and other business professionals across the enterprise with effective and efficient on-time, on-demand information critical to maintaining efficient operations and business goals.

Designed for diverse environments, and not limited to any specific type of user; ElegantJ BI will be able to provide a single enterprise data management platform facilitating reliable, consistent, data and information integrated from a range of data sources, applications and third party systems to executive management, managers and distributed teams matching every need of end-to-end business analysis and reporting.

The product is the result of innovation and understanding of customers’ current and future needs in mind. More often since the problem with existing business intelligence tools is that they are not intuitive enough for the "average" business user; managers have to routinely rely on external IT consultants to produce effective BI reports. One of the key aspects of ElegantJ BI is design with ‘simplicity, without compromising the power to deliver’. ElegantJ BI achieves this through an elegant design, deploying state of the art technology to deliver rich business intelligence and reporting functionality directly to the browser – accessible in the office and across the internet.

Built on a single, user-friendly zero footprint browser interface; business users at every level of the organisation can create their own analysis and reports without depending on IT support using key features including intuitive, personalized dashboards; dynamic analysis on the fly with one click drillable reports, high-impact OLAP, graphical visualization of underlying data for deeper insight into information, automated alerts and scheduled reports, and exception management and reporting. Requiring no software to be installed for end users, it’s fast to roll out and requires minimal maintenance. Also, being delivered on a scalable, consistent high-performance platform, ElegantJ BI will meet the increasing data volumes, user base and information needs, anytime in the future.

Providing a proven platform to help them anticipate emerging trends and opportunities, refocus business strategy and vision, and align resources to maximize performance for competitive advantage; ElegantJ BI is one of the most competitive products that will be available to globally competitive companies aspiring to stay ahead.

Looking at integrated solutions to empower them, organisations of all sizes, across all industries and market segments will be able to guide a rapid, highly-practical and affordable solution with a single product suite from ElegantJ BI.

For additional information about ElegantJ BI, visit http://www.ElegantJBI.com

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