Spam Volumes Continue to Set Records in 2008

As Spam Volume Reaches New Records, MailFoundry Responds In Kind


Green Bay, WI -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/27/2008 -- MailFoundry, the world’s smartest anti-spam solution, finds that spam email volumes continue to grow in early 2008 with current spam message volume 4x those of just one year ago.

“Spammers are pumping up their message volume to record levels.” remarked David C. Troup, CEO and Founder of MailFoundry. “With anti-spam solutions becoming more and more widespread, spammers are being forced to churn out more emails to keep their returns in line. The irony is that the more spam they send, the more effective we are at defeating their messages.”

MailFoundry’s anti-spam engine, MessageIQ is based on targeted spam profile rules that are created around spam attacks. Since the rules are defined by actual spam, MailFoundry works 100% out of the box, no training required and MessageIQ leads the industry with a zero false positive rate since 2004. MailFoundry’s team of human editors work around the clock to stay current with spam attacks as they happen and spam profile rules are updated every 5 minutes, 24x7x365 ensuring that MailFoundry customers have the most up-to-date spam profiles on the planet.

“We monitor spam attacks in realtime, and since March of 2007, spam message traffic has increased roughly 4 times in total volume.” said Mr. Troup, ”It is interesting to note that as spam message traffic has increased, MailFoundry’s average spam kill rate has gone from 97.80% to 99.36% in the same time frame.”

Troup continues, “MailFoundry was designed from the ground up to eliminate false positives and the headaches that come with loosing email. While our spam kill rates have increased, we’ve been able to maintain a near zero absolute false positive rate. Our commitment to protecting the message, not only in terms of keeping spam out of inboxes, but ensuring the on time delivery of all important emails is what sets MailFoundry apart from the rest of the anti-spam industry.”

MailFoundry is a leading provider of anti-spam appliances and subscription services based on human intelligence spam profiles that protect more than five million email addresses world-wide. MailFoundry’s line of network appliances begin at $1299 and scale up to protect up to 30,000 users per unit and each come with a free 30 day trial.

The entire line of MailFoundry anti-spam appliances are available and shipping daily from, calling 1-888-302-MAIL (6245) or through the MailFoundry world-wide reseller network.