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Historic Photos of Washington State by Dale E. Soden

The History of Washington State Told Through Historic Photographs


Nashville, TN -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/04/2008 -- Known as “Evergreen State,” Washington State has been an integral part of the fabric of United States history. The story of Washington State reflects both a united and progressive spirit and a unique culture that are the foundation of the city’s present-day prosperity and overwhelming popularity.

With fact-filled photo captions and chapter introductions by Dale E. Soden, Historic Photos of Washington State rediscovers the state’s fascinating past through nearly 200 rare photographs selected from the Library of Congress and the Washington State Historical Society, all showcased with exceptional clarity and beauty.

From railroad building and coal mining to the Alaskan gold rush and Native American culture, Washington State shines through the decades in glorious black-and-white photography, displayed in a large format.

“These photos help one appreciate more of the struggles that everyday people experienced in their attempt to build railroads, mine coal, and construct cities. They also help people appreciate the Native American culture that once existed in the Pacific Northwest,” says author Soden.

Historic Photos of Washington State is part of Turner Publishing’s Historic Photos series. These books, highlighting the history of the great cities, pivotal events, and legendary figures across America, have been acclaimed as a staple in the collection of anyone who loves history.

Historic Photos of Washington State
By Dale E. Soden
Turner Publishing, $39.95
ISBN 13: 978-1-59652-427-9