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Hotline America Reviews Zillow Expansion

Popular real estate portal Zillow is experiencing dramatic expansion—and it has won the attention of Hotline America.


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/19/2012 --Zillow is already known to real estate agents and consumers across America as one of the leading real estate portals currently in operation. In the near future, however, Zillow may become even more prominent, and begin offering an even more expansive array of real estate services. The company has announced its intentions to raise additional capital, perhaps as much as $100 million, through the secondary offering of more than 3 million shares. This additional capital could exceed earnings from the company’s IPO, and will be used to fund expansion into a variety of consumer-centered applications. The news of Zillow’s expansion has won the attention of Hotline America.

As a leading company in real estate lead generation, Hotline America reviews activities from companies like Zillow, especially activities as potentially groundbreaking as those on the Zillow agenda. The company has announced plans to offer an array of “consumer-initiated connections” with real estate and mortgage professionals, all made possible via new mobile apps. Additionally, Zillow intends to develop new marketing and business technology solutions for real estate professionals.

Hotline America reviews all the latest advances in real estate technology, and has responded to the Zillow announcement with its own statement to the press. “Focusing on 'consumer-initiated connections' is indeed the key to generating the most valuable real estate and mortgage sale leads,” says Hotline America CEO Thomas Ingram. “However, it is important to offer prospects communication options that go beyond mere text and data transmission. Obviously no consequential sale transaction can ever occur in the absence of speaking with the prospect. Hotline America is a market leader in productive, economical lead-capture service featuring both data and voice communications with consumers.”

Indeed, Hotline America has long stood as a leading name in lead generation tools, both for real estate agents and for mortgage professionals. The company is best known for its 24/7 customer hotline option, which allows realtors to establish toll-free lines for potential customers to call for information about current listings. Hotline America says that this around-the-clock, toll-free phone service effectively acts as a full-time sales person for the real estate agent or mortgage professional.

The Zillow announcement itself notes that the company also intends to pursue further, strategic growth opportunities, including new commercial relationships and acquisitions, all with the intent of improving its market position.

Hotline America reviews new trends and technologies within the real estate sector on a regular basis, and is known nationwide as a leader in real estate and mortgage lead generation services.

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