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Lisa Kreisler Encourages Students to Consider Careers in IT

New reports reveal that many companies specializing in technology have a great need to hire those adept in IT skills. Math educator Lisa Kreisler discusses the importance of math when pursuing these types of careers.


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/20/2012 --While many Americans are concerned about the state of unemployment across the nation, a new Forbes article reveals that the number of jobs in IT fields present opportunity for those with relevant skills. Citing the information collected by the Learning@Cisco office—a division of Cisco that coordinates skills training and recruitment at the company and at the “learning institutions that feed it and its partners”—the article reveals that currently there “are some 2 million people either working in fields related to information technology or being fed into training centers.” According to the article, those numbers are only continuing to grow, especially for those who are well versed in technology data analytics and cloud-based information technology systems. Noting the ongoing promise presented by the IT industry, Lisa Kreisler, math teacher and IT professional, explains that those who want a career in these types of fields must have a strong educational background.

In the article, Jeanne Beliveau-Dunn, vice president and general manager of Learning@Cisco, reveals that “one analysis of Bureau of Labor Statistics numbers [indicates] the information technology sector in the U.S. added 18,200 jobs in July, more than it has in any other month since 2008.” The article notes that this trend is only expected to escalate. However, for those currently seeking jobs in the market, there are a few barriers; those seeking careers in this field are often required to display specific understanding of technology systems via pre-hiring tests. In addition, many employers are seeking professionals who already carry years of experience in the field. While these trends may be discouraging to the interested student, Lisa Kreisler explains that it should not deter one from pursuing this type of career. She notes, “Look for a career that is challenging and changing every day.”

As she continues to work in the field today, Lisa Kreisler explains that forming a strong education in related academics will continue to pay off in the future. She reflects, “I graduated in the early ‘80s with a degree in mathematics and a minor in computer science. I could not have been happier with my experience and the doors it has opened for me.” Noting the impressive and widespread use of technology among her students, Kreisler adds that today’s students may be more able to transition into an IT-focused curriculum or career. However, Lisa Kreisler adds that math is not the only way to enter the IT field. She concludes, “Students today have so much available for them in the way of technology—there are careers abound! Those with all types of backgrounds—arts, language, science, social studies or math—can find a career in technology today. It is definitely worth the look!”

Abou tLisa Kreisler
Lisa Kreisler is an educator from Pennsylvania, currently teaching mathematics. Before working as a teacher, she enjoyed a successful career as an IT professional. Kreisler is also a seasoned business owner, with a wealth of managerial experience.