SFTP NET Components

Speed up .NET Development With .NET SFTP Components


London, UK -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/07/2008 -- EldoS (http://www.eldos.com/sbb/net-sftp.php) announces the release of SFTPBlackbox, a set of industry-standard components implementing SSH and SFTP protocols for the .NET platform. SFTPBlackbox speeds up the development and results in robust, fault-tolerant applications due to the strict STFP and SSH standard compliance and perfect architecture.

Developing secure communication products in .NET is not easy even for experienced developers. High-level security requires careful attention to every step of implementation. Developing core communication protocols including SFTP and SSH requires the developer to know the basics and the nuances about each protocol. Does it make sense to invent what's been already invented?

Any company developing client-server applications and using Microsoft .NET technologies will benefit from using SFTPBlackbox. This ready-made, full-featured implementation of SFTP and SSH protocols makes secure communications in .NET an easy task for an average developer. SFTPBlackbox removes strict experience requirements and allows any .NET developer, even with no prior exposure to security or communications, to produce fast and perfectly reliable code.

SFTP is tricky. It has many security issues that may arise shall an incorrect implementation be used. SFTPBlackbox takes care of all these issues internally, without making the developers know or care about the issues. Its SFTP and SSH code contains no weak links and no security holes thanks to the strict standards SFTPBlackbox follows. Using ready-made SFTP and SSH components in .NET saves time on project development and allows to deploy sooner.

SFTPBlackbox does not demand prior experience, and takes learning curve easy. The included SFTP and SSH samples in C# and VB.NET are simple and clear to understand. Comprehensive documentation and knowledge base are always available to answer .NET developers' questions, and cover for many topics on SFTP, SSH, security and communication.

EldoS makes SFTPBlackbox as powerful as needed or as affordable as required with several different types of available royalty-free licensees. Developing SFTP and SSH products in .NET could not be easier with SFTPBlackbox!