Stealth - ISS Inc.

Cheaper Pricing for Colocation Services


Tampa, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/11/2008 -- Hosting and data center service provider Stealth - ISS Inc. ( with its subdivision Dedicated Server Store ( has announced cheaper prices and more customizable colocation options.

The service was launched after Stealth - ISS Inc. decided to contract with a new data center providing for faster and more reliable connection, more security as well as backup generators and power supply. Stealth – ISS has implemented latest technology, allowing for faster network connections and more customizable colocation services for colocation customers.

The current offered connections are 10Mbps as well as 100Mbps. The customer can customize between the connection as well as the amount of traffic needed per month. Colocation services come with 100GB, 250GB, 500GB as well as unlimited traffic per month.

The cheapest colocation service offered by DedicatedServerStore is 1U colocation with 10Mbps connection and 100GB traffic per month for only $20 per month. The one time setup fee for all colocation services is $59. A 1U colocation with 100Mbps connection with 250GB traffic per month is $40. Businesses with large volumes of traffic can take advantage of unlimited traffic colocation for $65.

DedicatedServerStore also offers colocation for media streaming servers as well as game servers. The unlimited traffic colocation starts at $200. Full Racks (42U) are available with unlimited traffic and 100Mbps connection for $850 a month.

Established in 2001, Stealth - ISS Inc. caters to commercial and government customers worldwide. The company’s headquarters are in Tampa, Florida.

For more information on colocation service, contact Stealth – ISS Inc. at or