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New Radio Show Reveals Insider Secrets of How To Survive This Mortgage Market Collapse

Teaneck, New Jersey Based Mortgage Lender Joseph Gross reveals insider mortgage secrets at a new radio show that is full of information and guidance in this mortgage market collapse. The radio show is designed to give consumers all the facts, so they can save their home and make an educated decision when obtaining a mortgage.


Teaneck, NJ -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/20/2008 -- National Mortgage Expert Joe Gross launched a new radio show “Your Home - Your Future.” You can listen to the show live on Thursday March 20th at 2pm, or at http://www.yourhomeyourfutureradioshow.com. “Your Home - Your Future”, is all about helping listeners get the tools and information they need to protect their home for today and the future.

National Mortgage Expert, Joe Gross, addressed in his radio show on this past Thursday the issues of protecting your credit rating, debt consolidation companies, refinancing in today’s ever changing mortgage market. Listeners were able to email their financial questions or situations and receive help both on- and off-air.

“Your Home – Your Future” is a forum to discuss most recent financial headlines, listener financial problems and tips to protect your home and improve your financial situation.

This week’s program is all about "Adjustable Rate Mortgages and predatory rate increases". Future shows in the “Your Home - Your Future” series will cover other aspects of the mortgage market including:

avoiding scams and fraudsters
how to budget your income and expenses
boosting your credit score
How to choose a good broker

Since the mortgage market collapse, Joe has redoubled his efforts in educating the public about the mortgage market and what they can do to get in a better position for the future. “If this crisis has taught us anything, it’s that everyone loses when people aren’t educated.” This is the primary reason behind the launch of the radio show.

Joe has worked in the mortgage industry for ten years and has heard hundreds of stories from customers who have gotten into trouble with debt and thought they couldn’t get out. He has helped people refinance into a much better situation with manageable monthly payments and has maintained a 98 percent approval rating.

Kim and Richard Vannortwick had combined mortgage and credit card payments of $2,903.00. They had been trying for a few months to refinance. “We were very stressed out,” says Kim. “We tried calling other mortgage companies but we kept getting the answer, “I’m sorry but there is nothing we can do for you.”

Joe got them a 30 year fixed mortgage and saved the Smith’s $597.63 a month. “It only took us 17 days to get out of this misery. Joe was also able to escrow our taxes and insurance and pay off our outstanding taxes of $9,042.41” says Kim. The Vannortwick’s are happy to be on their way to financial freedom and credit National Mortgage Expert, Joe Gross with their success.

Joe Gross is the president of Qualified Mortgage Inc. and specializes in debt consolidation and helping people with credit issues. He is committed to getting each customer into a product that will benefit them today AND tomorrow. Joe’s unique Client for Life program provides additional support to customers through monthly newsletters, tele-seminars and email bulletins.

Currently, Joe is writing a book on the mortgage market collapse covering what happened, who’s to blame and, most importantly, how people can get out of this mess and keep their homes.

Joe is available for interview and welcomes your mortgage-related questions.

Call 800-662-0125 for a Free No-Obligation Consultation or visit http://www.yourhomeyourfutureradioshow.com

Media Contact: Please contact Theresa Consoli at theresa.consoli@qualifiedmortgage.com with any questions or interview request