New Apple Products Offered 15 Colors and 24kt Gold

Custom MacBook Pro Color and iPads


Sherman Oaks, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/30/2012 --Alchæmy, Inc. is a company that is getting a lot of buzz in the industry for producing some of the most unique and amazing custom Apple products available in the marketplace. The company is able to transform a standard Apple product into a stunning work of art that features dazzling colors or brilliant 24kt gold. The owners of Alchaemy, Inc. wanted to give owners of Apple products a way to showcase their phones or computers and send the message that there is nothing conventional about the way they live and work.

The service Alchæmy, Inc. offers is perfectly designed for the DJ, or musical artist who want to stand out in a crowd, the person who wants to project a non-conventional image of originality or the loved one in search of a gift for the person who has everything. An iPhone or MacBook with the Alchæmy touch will get lots of attention and be a conversation piece no matter where the owner may be.

Alchæmy, Inc. is staffed with experienced professionals who are expert in the science of transforming objects and giving them the unique looks that consumers crave. Alchæmy, Inc. technicians are certified Apple specialist and uniquely qualified to work with Apple products.

The Alchæmy, Inc. process is rather simple. The company custom builds Apple products based on the customers own design. Clients can build a new system, have an existing system customized or get a damaged system repaired. Customers have the option of either Colorz or Shyne. The Colorz process allows Apple users to have their favorite device customized in one of 15 standard colors or a custom color that Alchæmy, Inc. professionals can design. Either way, a simple work device is transformed into a work of art. With the Shyne process these same Apple devices can be plated with 24kt gold, black diamond or chrome. While a stylish custom color MacBook Pro is a trendsetter, the DJ that pulls out a stunning 24kt gold MacBook Pro will be the talk of the room and more importantly will be remembered long after the event.

Alchemy is the ancient science of transforming metal into gold and a philosophy of enriching the quality of life. In addition to delivering Apple masterpieces to it's clients and offering them a truly unique lifestyle enhancement product, Alchæmy, Inc. is also a company that acts as an agent of global change. Clients are thrilled to know that the company working to produce such a spectacular product for them is also working every day to enrich the lives of people around the world. They do this by allowing each customer to pick from a list of charities the firm is associated with. After the client chooses the charity, 3.14% of the money Alchæmy, inc. makes from their sale is donated to that charity.

For more information, interested parties can visit the Alchæmy, inc. website or contact the company toll free at 1.800.461.6792, Monday through Friday, 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM.