Investing in Apple Suppliers or iPad Publishers? Semiconductors or the Next Conde Nast: (NASDAQ: AAPL), (OTCQB: LFAP)


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/05/2012 --Investing In Apple’s suppliers and the exit of Scott Forstall have been the two most discussed topics in the tech industry recently and with good reason. The clout that Apple (NASDAQ: APPLE) has on the industry has even raised several arguments against seeing its stock enter the Dow Jones index. No argument seems to hold as much against Apple’s entry in the Dow Jones as the important relative weight Apple’s stock would have within the Index and how it would affect it.

The fact of the matter is Apple has become a mastodon that does indeed have considerable weight in the industry. While some have recommended investing in it indirectly by buying up supplier stocks namely those of the semiconductor manufacturers or other key part of the iDevices like Flash and Screens, few have thus far discussed looking at the investment opportunity that could be found in Media Publishers banking on the growing success of iPad and now the iPad Mini expect by some analysts to sell as much as the original iPod did.

Condé Nast, owner of such magazines as Wired, GQ and Vogue is just one example of publishers success story on the iPad and Apple’s Newsstand. The first issue of Wired on the iPad sold 105,000 copies, according to Ad Age. That was significantly higher than the print sales for the same issue.

A relatively unknown and newly traded stock in the same line of business has begun making noise recently. Merging trends from both the Mobile Media Publishing Industry and the Fitness industry. The latter’s market known to already be over $200 Billions in the US alone.

LifeApps Media (OTCBB: LFAP), publisher of iPad app YouWorkOut as well as several other top ranking iPhone apps is a ground floor candidate looking like it could make the news as the next success story in iPad publishing.

LifeApps has a library of available app titles on the Apple App Store, including the all new tablet magazine YouWorkout (also available on Android Tablets and Kindle Fire).

LFAP’s content includes:

Golf and tennis lessons, with sport-specific fitness tips.

Yoga lessons, a $5.7 BLN a year industry.

A free health app dedicated to long life, surviving cancer, healthy diets and improving odds against Alzheimer’s.

A subscription magazine delivered to iPad that is so cutting edge it could offer live personal sport-specific health tips, training tips and advice from world-class athletes like Rachel Buehler, a star on the gold-medal winning U.S. Women’s Soccer Team.

YouWorkOut for the iPad features articles and videos by professional athletes, Olympians, top sports doctors and much more. Because YouWorkOut is designed for the iPad, subscribers merely have to click Play to get top-flight interactive training and fitness insights from the likes of gold medal winner Rachel Buehler.

The iPad for fun and fitness is a proven trend. It’s why getting into LifeApps at the ground floor is such an attractive bargain.

There is one more thing to consider about LifeApps Media. Digital Media Publishers generate income in two ways.

The first is from the download of the application. The second is from the advertising presented with those applications. Ask the following question, considering the quality content of LifeApps Media's app as well as the growing user base it is creating, what would Nike, Adidas, New Fitness, New Balance and all Sports Apparel Brands would be willing to pay to have access to all those readers.

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