White Cloud Cigarettes

White Cloud's Disposable Electronic Cigarette - Fling 'em

White Cloud Cigarettes, the company that already offers smokers a superior and more affordable electronic cigarette experience, has now introduced a new disposable electronic cigarette called The Fling.


Tarpon Springs, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/12/2012 --This latest innovation in electronic cigarettes allows smokers all the pleasure and sensation of regular cigarettes without producing any smoke, ash, fire hazard or smell of any kind, says Danielle Steingraber, Managing Director at White Cloud.

The benefits, simple – The Fling allows smokers to try the quality of White Cloud Cigarettes without committing to purchase an entire electronic cigarette kit. The price is right, a variety of strengths and flavors are available (16 delicious flavors and 4 different levels of nicotine strengths), and the opportunities for distributors, wholesales, convenient stores, and grocery stores are apparent. Convenience stores and wholesale E Cigs can be purchased directly from White Cloud for $2.80 to $3.75 per disposable E Cig.

Each disposable fling e cig offers the user a fresh e cigarette that is ready to use by simply opening the package and smoking. When the fluid has been depleted, simply fling it in the garbage, hence the name.

Every Fling features a soft tip that simulates the same feel on the lips as a regular tobacco cigarette. There is no on or off switch to activate the product simply puff away and enjoy pure smokeless pleasure. The new Fling is an exceptional electronic cigarette value because every Fling Disposable E cigarette is equivalent to 40 regular tobacco cigarettes at less than half the cost.

There is no need to remember to carry electronic chargers or replacement cartridges in order to enjoy White Cloud’s Disposable Electronic Cigarettes - since they are completely disposable, and ready to use once the sealed package has been opened.

A current customer of White Cloud, Jackie Bloom recently wrote – “Although I'm a new customer, and a new electronic cigarette smoker, I'm already sold on your brand of E-Cigs. Before making a commitment to order a starter kit and refill cartridges, I wanted to try a variety of brands, so I ordered disposable e-cigs from 6 different electronic cigarette companies / sites, choosing from the top 10 rated brands on the Top10Reviews website. I've received all my orders, except for one, which seems to be taking a long time, and there's no question... White Cloud is head and shoulders above the rest, with the best flavor and the best vapor. There's no comparison, the others failed miserably in my book. I plan to go back and submit my own reviews and White Cloud is the only brand I plan on giving a good review. Thanks for everything.”