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Max Steiner Is Launching a New Guest Blogging Platform - 'Guest Blogging Empire'

Guest Blogging Empire, launched December 2012 by Max Steiner corporation, is an innovative service for writing and publishing high quality guest blog posts on niche relevant sites.


chedurhurst, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/21/2012 --Guest Blogging Empire, a new service by Max Steiner Internet Industries corp., gives a full comprehensive solution for handling the writing and publishing of guest blog posts. With more than 1,000 independent quality blogs this system covers 100+ niches, which include, among others, the most popular niches on the internet today. With professional writing, smart niche targeting and multi layered distribution of each published post, this service provides a full solution for niche authority, which leads to higher search engine rankings and targeted traffic.

The latest Google updates made it clear beyond a shadow of a doubt that Google, and presumably other search engines as well, will not tolerate any use of "over optimization", and will rate websites according to the quality of their referring pages rather than the quantity of them. Any use of spinned content, spammy blog networks or "backlinks blasts" is not recommended and can negatively affect the websites that uses them. It is clearly mentioned on Google's officials statements that guest posts on other related blogs is one of the best ways to gain authority, as long as these are real blogs with original quality content of their own, that are user focused and independent.

Guest Blogging Empire offers packages that range from 1 to 20 guest posts on various niches. Each and every guest post is written by a professional writer, according to the customer instructions, with relevancy to both the client's website and the blog that it is published on. Each and every published post also gets populated through different social media platforms, article websites and general blogs and RSS channels to maximize its exposure and result in higher targeted traffic to the client's website. This is an innovative complete comprehensive solution for guest posts writing and publishing, a process that usually takes a very long time and is priced high. The service was tested by dozens of webmasters and demonstrated amazing results.