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Plevin & Gallucci Representing Patients from Three Cleveland Hospitals in Cardiac Stent Medical Malpractice Claims

Fairview Hospital Added to List of Facilities where Cardiologist May Have Placed Stents Not Medically Necessary


Cleveland, OH -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/02/2013 --Patients from three prominent Cleveland-area hospitals – St. John Medical Center, Southwest General Hospital and now Fairview Hospital – are being represented by the law firm of Plevin & Gallucci, L.P.A. regarding cardiac stents placed by cardiologist Dr. Harry Persaud that may not have been medically necessary.

Attorney Michael Shroge of Plevin & Gallucci filed the first civil case against the physician and St. John Medical Center in August 2012, alleging, among other things, that he and St. John Medical Center provided negligent care and treatment in allowing him to place unnecessary stents and perform surgeries that carried with them risks of the death of these patients. The lawsuit further alleges that the doctor and hospital acted in a way that was “so outrageous in character and so extreme a degree that they go beyond all possible bounds of decency and may be regarded as atrocious and utterly intolerable in a civilized community.”

Plevin & Gallucci has since learned that patients from other Cleveland hospitals – Southwest General, a partner of University Hospitals and most recently, Fairview Hospital, a Cleveland Clinic hospital – have received letters from the facilities about care they received from Dr. Persaud. Plevin & Gallucci has taken on the representation of several affected patients and continues to investigate allegations that under the direct supervision of the hospitals he worked in, the doctor continued to provide unnecessary care and treatment, possibly for financial gain.

“The Hippocratic Oath spoken by most physicians entering the professional practice of medicine underscores the inherent trust that all patients rely on when seeking care for a complex medical diagnosis and procedures,” Shroge stated. “When this oath, and the trust that is built upon it, is broken even by a single physician, it does immeasurable damage to the medical world and society in general. How can we trust that our physicians are giving us good advice in recommending treatments unless we can be certain that they are doing so with the promise that they will do no harm to anyone?”

As with every medical malpractice case, a thorough understanding of the facts, the medicine involved and the consult of leading experts throughout the nation is necessary to determine the viability of any potential claim. Individuals with concerns related to cardiac stent placement or any other potential instance of medical malpractice are encouraged to contact the law firm of Plevin & Gallucci at (216) 861-0804 for a free consultation.

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