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Ready for Your Own Forever Body Transformation?

Is Forever Body Transformation A Scam? Read On !


Fresno, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/03/2013 --Now that 2013 is officially here, it really comes as no surprise that weight loss programs like Forever Body Transformation are getting a boost in public interest lately.

Co-creator Phil Davis of the Forever Body Transformation program explains,

“Yes indeed, we see a marked increase in our program about this same time each year. Weight loss still seems to be a very popular New Years resolution for many people. Unfortunately though, when it comes to weight loss, information overload is one of the worst things that can happen during a weight loss journey.”

Phil goes on to say, “It was actually my wife who is responsible for kick starting our own weight loss story. She came to me one day and said she was done living the way we were, and that we needed to find a better way to live our lives.”

It was on that day that Phil and Lia embarked on finding a solution to their weight issues, and it led them to seeking out and finding Miki Everheart.

Miki Everheart is the creator of the Forever Body Transformation program, and after having incredible success with the program by themselves, Phil and Lia approached Miki to help bring the program to the internet.

Forever Body Transformation is an easy step by step system where participants have lost up to 12% of their total body fat within the first 30 days.

Miki says, "The program is designed to be permanent. You'll have to learn how to maximize your metabolic burn rate and what not, but unlike any other program, this isn't a diet, but a whole new way of living."

When asked about why the public seems to be misinformed about weight loss, Miki says, “Yes, well part of the biggest problem is that people have always been led to believe that they need the latest fad diet or pill to be successful with weight loss. The real truth is than many diets and pills can actually do a person more harm than good. It’s more about a complete lifestyle change, as opposed to some new fad diet.”

“On top of that,” Miki says, “In almost every case with fad diets, the weight is going to come back, once a person goes back to their regular eating habits. That’s just the way it works. For permanent results people need to commit to changing their lifestyle for the long run.”

So if weight loss is part of a person’s resolutions for 2013, is the Forever Body Transformation program worth looking into?

“Absolutely” Miki says, “We have literally hundreds of success stories from people using our program. It’s been a real joy to see people realizing their goals when it comes to weight loss. I’m very confident that it can help anybody to lose weight once they’ve committed to it.”

Co-creator Phil chimes in, “That’s one of the biggest reasons that we wanted to work with Miki to bring Forever Body Transformation to people. It worked so well for us; we knew that it would work for others as well.”

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